Aisle 24

Rapidly Expanding Automated Cashier-less Retail Concept ‘Aisle 24’ Partners with Axis for Surveillance and Security [Interviews]

Aisle 24 will open at least 40 more stores across Canada this year including first markets Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Halifax.

Self-Service Cashier-Less Convenience Grocery Retail Concept Aisle 24 Expanding Aggressively Across Canada in 2022 [Co-Founder Feature Interview]

The innovative concept, with a goal of being fast and efficient, recognizes that consumers are expecting digital tech even in physical stores. Data is another bonus to the cashier-less retailer which is expected to become a household name.

Retailer: Aisle 24

Fully automated, cashierless grocery store concept that is open 24/7.

Automated Cashierless Grocery Store Concept ‘Aisle 24’ Launches Aggressive Cross-Canada Store Expansion

The 24/7 grocery store is accessed by a mobile app, and its CEO says that thousands of locations could open.
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