Amish Dargan

How Canadian Retailers Can Target Tourists with Souvenir Offerings

An industry expert explains the ‘5 P’s’ amid increased international visitors and resulting opportunity.

Asian Consumers Inject New Life Into Canadian Luxury Retail

An industry expert explains that while the Canadian population might not be able to support all of the new luxury brands entering the country on its own, visitors from Asia are propelling the growth in luxury retail in Canada.

5 Categories that are Driving Canada’s Luxury Market

The rich just keep getting richer in Canada, and their consumption patterns include several categories.

Comparing Luxury Retail in India to Canada

History and cultural differences result in differing consumer expectations for all things luxe.

5 Marketing Strategies for Exclusivity

Luxury brands have always been associated with status, quality and their uniqueness. However, changes in consumer behaviour and influence of the western societies have altered the definition of luxury to a great extent. ‘New luxury’ is synonymous to aspirations and experience.
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