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Rapidly Expanding Automated Cashier-less Retail Concept ‘Aisle 24’ Partners with Axis for Surveillance and Security [Interviews]

Aisle 24 will open at least 40 more stores across Canada this year including first markets Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Halifax.

Podcast [Interview] Robert K. Brown of Axis Communications Discusses Intelligent Analytics and AI for Retail

Craig has a discussion with Robert K. Brown, Solutions Engineer at Axis Communications, about topics including intelligent analytics and artificial intelligence, machine learning, and how cameras are being used as a tool to coordinate the enhancement of the overall retail experience in stores.

Retailers Find Benefit in Using In-Store Camera Technology for Customer Experience: Interview

Axis Communications developed cameras for store security and are finding surveillance can be used for optimizing the consumer visit.

Resilient Retail: 2022 Trends and Predictions Involving Technology

A range of trends from organized retail crime to workforce shortages and customer experience are highlighted.

Retail Banking: Security Surveillance’s Role in Branch Transformation

As banking moves increasingly to digital formats, the role of the bank branch is evolving fast.

Axis Communications Retail Solutions Going Well Beyond Security

Video technology is critical to ensure a safe and secure space, but when powered by analytics, it can be leveraged to provide a full suite of business intelligence services.

‘Tis the Season for Post-Holiday Theft in Canada

Holiday shopping season is the busiest time of the year for retailers, and an ideal time to invest in modern security systems to ensure you are leveled up with the latest technological advances.
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