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Lack of Talent Causing Retail Staffing and Employment Conundrum in Canada: Interview

Retailers’ ability to onboard and train talent comes under the microscope amid surge in new hires.

Podcast [Interview] Vaccine Passports, Vaccinations and Canadian Retail

Craig and industry recruiter Suzanne Sears of Best Retail Careers Int’l. discuss why many retailers in Canada are demanding staff are vaccinated while also supporting vaccine passports.

Meet the Manager Spotlight: Georgi Gvakharia, Country Manager for Ralph Lauren Canada

Mr Gvakharia discusses how he got into the retail industry and what Ralph Lauren is doing differently as it expands in Canada.

Canadian Retailers Lack Staff at Critical Time: Expert

And an industry expert says that the industry is in trouble as some retail staff exit the business while consumers continue to shop.

Luxury Careers Canada Spotlight: 3 Manager Positions at Polo Ralph Lauren Stores

Manager and assistant manager positions are available in the Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg markets

Best Retail Careers Int’l Launches Luxury Careers Canada in Partnership with Retail Insider

The partnership targets luxury retailers with plans to expand across Canada.

Many Retail Workers in Canada to Exit Industry Post-COVID-19 Amid Harsh Conditions: Expert

While some retailers in Canada are offering front-line workers increased pay and benefits, many are not and the outcome will be a loss of much-needed employees in years to come.

Retail Recruiter Disrupts Industry with Membership-Based Staffing Service

A leading Canadian recruiter, Suzanne Sears, is seeing success after launching a membership-based service several months ago that saves retailers and landlords time while also being considerably less costly than traditional recruiting.

Staff Shortages Create Emergency Situation for Canadian Retailers

An industry expert explained how some retailers are sabotaging their operations and with record-low unemployment, it could get worse

Retail Jobs Most In-Demand in Canada, Presenting Challenges to Industry: Expert

A prominent industry professional explains how the Canadian retail industry is at a crossroads. Cuts to the retail industry over the past decade, coupled with a change in consumers tastes, means that companies will need to find new ways to attract and retain talent or risk going under in the face of new competition.

Best Retail Careers International Launches Membership-Based Recruiting for Retailers &a Landlords

The disruptive concept, Called Retail Staffing Canada, aims to save retailers time and money, pairs companies with qualified candidates with a hiring guarantee.

5 Reasons Why Job Boards Aren’t Working for Retailers in Canada

An expert Retail Recruiter discusses the challenges and pitfalls of job boards in Canada, at a challenging time for the retail industry.

Sears Canada Employees Face Options After Retailer Collapse

Thousands of former staff are examining their options, and some will find it easier than others.
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