COVID-19 lockdowns

Boom in Clothing Purchases in Canada Anticipated as Pandemic Restrictions are Relaxed: NPD Group

Pent up demand is good news for retailers that have seen significant declines amid lockdowns and work-from-home.

Etsy Provides Small Businesses with a Booming E-Commerce Platform but Who Reaps the Benefits?

Despite the debate on who is really reaping the benefits of Etsy's massive success, there is no denying that the move toward supporting entrepreneurship and small businesses is the way forward.

5 Solutions Helping Canadian Retailers Operate As Shutdowns Continue

It’s unclear how long the pandemic will last or how many shutdowns the country will see. Canadian retailers can use these methods to continue operations.

April ‘Emergency Brake’ Lockdowns Another Crushing Blow to Small Ontario Businesses: Experts

A “grim” situation is emerging as debts mount and thousands more businesses are expected to fail amid a third provincial lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Montreal Retail Struggles Amid Lockdowns and Consumer Shifts: Expert

Tony Flanz doesn't sugar coat the situation when he says Montreal retail has been hit hard by the pandemic amid a quiet downtown and mass vacancies.

Easing of Retail Lockdowns in Ontario This Month Still Not Enough to Save Many Businesses: Experts

While retail stores in the GTA will be permitted to operate at lower capacities on February 22, restaurants, personal care, and gyms will remain shut with no end in sight.

Federal Government Announces Business Loans to Help Retail and Other Hard-Hit Businesses

Some experts say that retailers are already taking on too much debt and that support will postpone the inevitable.

Toronto BIAs Tell Premier Ford That Lockdowns Are Unfair [Interviews]

Small, locally-owned businesses are in peril as big-box retailers continue to be permitted to sell 'non-essential' items.

Extended Ontario Lockdown Announcement Blasted by Association and Experts for Inequitably Harming Small Retailers: Interviews

The CFIB and several prominent retail experts say that the industry will struggle amid further restrictions, necessitating significant changes to business models.
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