Customer Experience

Sobeys Expanding In-Store Vertical Farms Across Canada

Local farmers manage the vertical farming at the individual grocery stores, where a variety of herbs, microgreens, leafy greens, and lettuces are grown year round.

Why Canadian Retailers Must Own the Customer Experience in the Last Mile: George Minakakis

The industry veteran lays out challenges and opportunities pertaining to last mile deliveries, including the impact of Amazon and other innovators.

Complex Promotions Are Helping Retailers Drive Sales and Loyalty in an Increasingly Digitized World

Digital coupons provide the opportunity for retailers to leverage digital channels to support promotional efforts.

The Future of Customer Experience: From CX to HX: The Evolution and What it Means for Marketers

The future of customer experience isn’t customer experience at all, but is something much broader and richer called holistic experience says expert, Chad Neufeld.
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