eCommerce Canada

Empowering Canadian Entrepreneurs: A Conversation with Interac’s Leo Bailey and eCommerce Canada’s David Nagy [Video Interview]

Craig, Leo, and David discuss Interac's commitment to supporting Canada's small business community by fostering innovation and community connections for a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Free Money for Businesses with Online Presence: Canadian Digital Adoption Program [Video Podcast]

Craig and David discuss the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), a $4 billion government-funded initiative to promote digital innovation and transformation for small businesses in Canada.

Online Retailers in Canada Facing Barriers to Entry Amid Growing eComm Competition: Expert Interview

Industry veteran David Nagy says that retailers online need to look to key factors or face failure.

Industry Expert David Nagy Discusses Building an Ecommerce Business: Feature Interview

Nagy discusses how building a deep understanding of the customer is key for building an effective digital ecosystem.

Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) Helping Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses Boost Digital Presence

The program provides Federal funding and support critical in flattening the digital curve for Main Street retailers.

Digitization of Retail in Canada is Increasing the Need For Efficient Merchant Communication in the Online World: Feature Interview

Expert David Nagy discusses the complexities of digital communications and engagement for small-and medium-sized businesses.

Ecommerce Sales In Canada Still Through The Roof, But Shifting Away From Goods Toward Services [Feature]

Industry experts note a shift at a time when ecommerce is exploding during the pandemic.

How the Pandemic Has Changed Consumer Expectations While Accelerating Ecommerce in Canada

An expert says that online retail can only grow so much amid an over-saturation of new businesses.
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