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Ontario Premier Doug Ford Urged to Open Ontario Retail and Restaurants Immediately as Covid Cases Come Down at a Critical Time: Interviews

Businesses were supposed to open this week but the government extended the lockdown. Now there are calls to reopen things now.

“Another Crippling Blow” as Ontario Government Extends Pandemic Lockdowns for Retailers and Businesses into June [Interviews]

Businesses and associations are furious as Ontario once again extends lockdowns which many say will have a devastating impact on the economy.

Anger and Frustration as New Lockdowns Expected to Have Devastating Impact on Canadian Businesses: Experts

Governments are implementing restrictions in provinces amid a third wave and some are saying that decisions being made are misguided and harmful.

A ‘Great Reset’ for Foodservice in Canada Amid the Pandemic: Sylvain Charlebois

Looking ahead, COVID-19 may become the food service industry’s opportunity to experience a great reset.

Half of Restaurants in Canada Could Shutter Permanently Amid Lockdowns: Study

A member survey provides concerning information amid increased costs and revenue declines.

Canadian Foodservice Businesses in Turmoil Amid Potential Delays for COVID Vaccinations

The industry held a press conference calling for immediate action for support, noting that patrons will stay away from dining until mass vaccinations are rolled out.

Restaurant Industry on Verge of Collapse in Canada Without Government Support: Interviews

Restaurants Canada, with its 40,000 members, called governments to stop system-wide restaurant closures amid a second wave.

Don’t Want to Save the Restaurant Industry? Fine, but Use it to Save the Canadian Economy

Sylvain Charlebois explains how the industry collapse has broader implications.

As Restaurants Reopen in Canada, Most Operate at a Loss

Even as the economy reopens, businesses are struggling amid outstanding rents owed, reduced demand, and occupancy reductions.

As Restaurants in Canada Begin Reopening, Implementing Safety Protocols Proves Challenging

Consumers will need to be made to feel comfortable as dining spaces reopen, and getting it right the first time will be crucial say experts.
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