Retail Technology

Crisis Management and its Importance for Retailers in Canada at a Challenging Time

Expert Josh Cobden discusses reputational risks that may come from a crisis situation and what can be done in advance.

Canada’s 1st Fully Automated Furniture Retailer ‘dex10’ Opens Store in Downtown Calgary [Photos]

The innovative retailer merges e-commerce technology with a traditional showroom.

How Agile Data Helps Canadian Retailers Generate Sale Recoveries

Knowing local markets is key, and a new software product provides insights.

Canadian Autonomous Vehicle Company Gatik Prepares for Expansion Amid Major Retail Partnerships

The company’s next move is to winterize vehicles for year-round autonomous vehicle distribution which is poised for significant growth.

Canadian Retail and Technology: A Perfect Pair or Doomed to Fail?

In the last decade, technology has both increased competition and become an internal transformational juggernaut to stay competitive, according to expert George Minakakis.

Why Canadian Retailers Need to Embrace the Tech Revolution

Retail in Canada underwent radical transformations last year, and the pace won’t slow in 2019.

Emerging Canadian Retail Trends for 2019: Technology, Partnerships and Experiential Concepts

The retail industry is changing rapidly, and Larry Leung identifies several trends being identified amongst the leading players.
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