Statistics Canada

Canadian Retail Sales Hung On in Feb 2021: Ed Strappagiel

The analyst provides a monthly update on retail sales numbers from Statistics Canada.

Canadian Retail Sales Bumbled Along in January: Ed Strapagiel

The analysis provides a monthly update based on Statistics Canada data, showing a cool-off after increases the month prior.

A ‘Great Reset’ for Foodservice in Canada Amid the Pandemic: Sylvain Charlebois

Looking ahead, COVID-19 may become the food service industry’s opportunity to experience a great reset.

Canadian Retail 2020 Winners and Losers: Ed Strapagiel Analysis

Strapagiel provides his yearly analysis of Canadian retail sales data from StatsCan.

Canadian Retail – Sales Up, Prospects Down: Ed Strapagiel

The industry analyst provides an overview of Canadian retail for November 2020.

Canadian Retail Sees Sales Surge, but So Does COVID

Ed Strapagiel provides his monthly analysis on what has been happening with the Canadian retail industry.

Canadian Foodservice Businesses in Turmoil Amid Potential Delays for COVID Vaccinations

The industry held a press conference calling for immediate action for support, noting that patrons will stay away from dining until mass vaccinations are rolled out.

Canadian Retail Sales: The Roller Coaster Ride Continues

Ed Strapagiel provides an overview of Statistics Canada data for Q3 2020 and compares it to last year.

Canadian Retail Getting Back On Track, Sort Of: Ed Strapagiel

An expert analyzes what happened in August as retail shifts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canada Could Become Over-Saturated with Cannabis Retail Stores

After a lull post-legalization, hundreds of cannabis stores are opening in Canada and not all will survive, according to experts.
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