Stephen O'Keefe

A ‘Perfect Storm’ for Criminal Activity: US-Style Smash-and-Grab Retail Crime Expected for Canada [Feature]

An expert says that Canadian retailers should be concerned as unfortunate economic conditions lead to an increase in violent crime in stores.

Increase in Fraud Hits Retail Industry in Canada as Digitization Accelerates [Feature]

Cybercriminals are capitalizing on vulnerabilities brought about by an ever-evolving retail landscape say experts.

Canadian Grocery Retailers Bracing for Potential Cyberattacks Against Systems Amid Rash of Successful Ransomware Incidents [Feature]

Organizations and consumers across the country could face devastating consequences as a result of nefarious hacker activity say experts.

Special Edition 28: Experts Peter Woolford and Stephen O’Keefe on How Retail is Changing and Where it’s Going

An off-schedule podcast discussion with Peter Woolford (President of Clairmark Consulting Ltd.) and Stephen O'Keefe (President of Bottom Line Matters). Craig, Peter and Stephen discuss the retail awakening -- consumers are changing and retailers need to adapt.

Violent Robberies and Organized Crime Hit Vancouver Retailers

Luxury retailers and electronics retailers, especially, have been targets over the past few months as police resources are scaled back and thieves become more brazen.

How Shoplifters Justify Theft at Self-Service Checkouts

It’s a problem for retailers in Canada implementing the new technology, and some thieves are also able to launder money using counterfeit bills.

Theft Hits Bottom Line of Canadian Retailers

It’s already a huge issue for retailers in Canada and it appears to be getting worse, though one expert has some tips for retailers that could help.
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