Canadian BIAs Representing Main Streets Across the Country Set To Take on Greater Role in Post-Pandemic World: Feature

A review of municipal legislation and reinvented retail strategy is required to enhance the efforts and effectiveness of BIAs following pandemic disruption.

Toronto BIAs Tell Premier Ford That Lockdowns Are Unfair [Interviews]

Small, locally-owned businesses are in peril as big-box retailers continue to be permitted to sell 'non-essential' items.

A Digital Shift and Strong Communication Required for Small Business Survival Amid Second Lockdowns

Many small businesses in Canada are facing new challenges as government mandated lockdowns ramp up again in Canadian provinces.

Downtown Retailers and Businesses Struggle in Canada Amid Lack of Office Workers and Tourists

A staggering decline in foot traffic in some downtowns will severely impact businesses, many of which will not survive.

Majority of Retailers & Businesses Not Able to Pay Rent as Costs Accrue Amid Reopenings

Nearly 80% of businesses say they will not be able to pay rent in July and a high percentage are doomed to fail. Reopening poses its own challenges and expenses and BIA groups are trying to come up with solutions.

City of Toronto and Digital Main Street Launch Free Website Initiative for Small Businesses

The goal is to build and launch 4,000 online stores over the next three months.

Online Donation Platform Launches in Toronto to Support Small Businesses

The initiative aims to save small retailers and other businesses that are struggling, and is supported by many including Mayor John Tory.

Main Street Retailers Must Get Online to Survive Amid Pandemic: Experts

As many physical stores have been mandated to close, associations are stepping up to help retailers get online at a critical time.
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