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Entrepreneur Launches Virtual ‘Made in Canada Mall’ and is Welcoming Businesses to Join

Doug Touchette launched the online mall, which he says is a first of its kind, to support local businesses while providing consumers an opportunity to engage with Canadian brands.

5 Ways Canadian Retailers Can Capitalize on Interactive Tools

The main way to come back stronger than ever is to capitalize on the latest interactive shopping tech tools.

Montreal Design Marketplace SOUK Goes Digital for the 1st Time

Thanks to its close partnership with Lightspeed, SOUK has been able to launch a fully-integrated digital platform to provide its virtual attendees with the same engagement as before.

Pandemic calls for Canadian Retail Businesses to go cashless

COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way many businesses in the world operate. Every business has a story to tell on how they were affected. Many Canadian Retail businesses could not operate using cash and had to find other solutions

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