Inside Altitude Athletic, a First-To-Canada Specialized Fitness Facility Concept in Toronto

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Altitude Athletic, a specialized fitness facility that simulates high altitude conditions, has opened steps from the Financial District in downtown Toronto.

Altitude Athletic has created a gym that can simulate high altitude conditions by lowering the oxygen levels while utilizing science to train for situations that athletes of all abilities will face in sport and adventures. Essentially, the team has built a mountain environment in Downtown Toronto.

“Toronto is at sea level, and although it would be awesome for many of us, it’s not practical to fly off to the mountains every weekend,” shared Altitude Athletic owner Melanie Miller. “So I had a vision to build Canada’s largest publicly accessible altitude training facility.”

The 1,200 square foot facility opened at 56 Colbourne Street on July 23rd, with construction and pandemic delays adding to the construction buildout.

Gyms and indoor activities were hit hard with pandemic restrictions, which have recently been allowed to open after Ontario hit Stage 3 in the reopening plan.

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Altitude Athletic – Photo by Dustin Fuhs

“Since science and innovation lay the foundation of Altitude, our vision also included translating this into our services and empowering our facility with a passionate and knowledgeable team,” Miller shared.

Toronto sits at 76 meters (approx. 250 feet) above sea level where there is approx. 20.9% oxygen in the air. In the altitude room, they are able to reduce this amount to as low as 9.7% simulating an elevation of over 6,000 meters (approx. 20,000 feet).

Each day of the week, the facility will rotate through three altitude zones, aside from Sunday, when the facility will remain at sea level for fitness assessments (or for sea level workouts). The altitude zones are as follows:

  • Montane Zone: 4000 ft – 6000 ft / 1219 m – 1828 m 
  • Subalpine Zone: 6000 ft – 8500 ft / 1828 m – 2590 m 
  • Alpine Zone: 8500 ft – 11500 ft / 2590 m – 3505 m

The facility was created in response to a market trend that saw fitness enthusiasts looking for access to the same tools as the pros and to train for elevations that they would encounter in competitions and adventures around the world without having to leave the city. 

Altitude Athletic – Photo by Dustin Fuhs

The facility is located in a block that will be seeing a significant change, with the addition of 65 King Street East at Leader Lane. The 18-storey office development by Carttera Equities will have a total gross floor area of 36,147 square metres of office space and 1,628 square metres of retail space at street-level.

Google has leased the entirety of the office space.

65 King Street East with Google Signage, designed by WZMH and IBI Group for Carterra (Via UrbanToronto)

Altitude Athletic worked with Lindsay Hepburn of SRS Canada. Interior was designed was Wolfe Interior Design and Paradigm Architecture and Design was the architect firm on the project.

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