Canadian Pop-Up Facilitator pop-up go to Grow Further in the United States in New Partnership

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Toronto-based pop-up retail connector pop-up go announced that it has entered into a partnership with Chicago-based The Pop Up Retail Expert to expand pop-up services across North America even further with pop-up go operating already both in Canada and the US.

Linda Farha
Linda Farha

The partnership will further expand pop-up go’s turnkey solution in North America with new services the introduction of educational tools such as webinars, videos, and other materials for both landlords and brands, as well as access to competitive insurance for all pop-up needs. The pop-up go platform already connects landlords and short-term space seekers at a time when the idea of pop-up retail and other concepts is quickly gaining traction. 

“Over the past four years, we have built an incredible foundation as the leading pop-up matching service for both brands and landlords, helping hundreds of clients connect and execute pop-ups across North America. Working with The Pop Up Retail Expert gives us an opportunity to enhance the services we offer to our clients and the overall pop-up experience,” said Linda Farha, pop-up go’s Founder and Chief Connector.

Stephen A Brooks

“At The Pop Up Retail Expert, our objective is to provide the tools, guidance, and support needed for brands to succeed in the changing retail environment,” said Stephen Brooks, CEO and Founder of The Pop Up Retail Expert. “By partnering with pop-up go we are able to help our clients, including brands, shopping centers, and start-ups, explore and adapt to the modernization of the industry.”

The pop-up go and The Pop Up Retail Expert collaboration will include a series of webinars, bespoke consulting, and original content for each company’s digital channels. 

Farha, also the owner of PR firm Zenergy Communications, founded pop-up go as an online meeting place for pop-up seekers and landlords. The company has become a trusted partner for securing, designing, executing, and promoting pop-up spaces and short-term brand activations. 

On, landlords can list available spaces and be discovered by brands and businesses seeking short-term leasing opportunities for a pop-up store, brand activation or experiential marketing event. 



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