Video Marketing Made Easy for Retailers with Magisto for Business

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Canadian retailers and other businesses can now inexpensively and easily create high quality marketing videos with an innovative new platform. This could in effect ‘level the playing field’ for retail marketing, as video has traditionally been expensive to produce and a challenge to create. A company called Magisto created a platform to simplify the video creation process, which is timely, considering that studies show video to be one of the most effective marketing tools available. Some are even calling it ‘the industrial revolution’ of video.

Magisto recently launched ‘Magisto for Business‘, which gives content creators the ‘creative director’ role without any intensive editing or content production. Magisto’s patented A.I. and new Smart Storyboard™ technology allows for filming on a smartphone, and the result is high quality, easy to create marketing videos.

There’s a story behind how the technology was developed. Founder Oren Boiman is both a scientist and a father. After the birth of his first child, Mr. Boiman and his wife took many digital photos and like many new parents, wanted to make home movies. After taking two weeks to create a high quality three-minute video, Mr. Boiman came to the conclusion that there needed to be a better way. At the time, he was a Ph.D. student researching the science of Video Vision and using Artificial Intelligence to create videos, he created the Magisto video platform.

Magisto has already become the world’s most popular smart video storytelling application that uses Emotion Sense Technology™ — a patented story detection that automatically analyzes and edits raw video footage and photos into movies, making video storytelling simple and easy to share. Initially used by individuals, businesses are now jumping on board to use Magisto, which is available for iOS, Android, PC and the Web. Magisto recently did a survey of its users, and 65% of them said that they already used or wanted to use Magisto in their professional lives.

Video is extremely useful to marketers — Facebook recently reported the number of video views increased 10 times over the last year to 8 billion views per day. It’s clear that video engages viewers and because of this, retailers must seriously consider using it to market to current and potential customers.

How it Works: Magisto is driven by patented Artificial Intelligence technology that selects the most compelling moments from a collection of digital videos and photos and automatically edits them together to create powerful, highly shareable movies that vividly express personal stories with customized themes, styles, and music. A new technology called “Smart Storyboard” ™ can be used to influence production value, define scene selection, refine messaging and brand movies without the usual complexities of video editing and production.

Below is a video from a retailer:

“The Smart Storyboard lets the business user focus on how to tell the story rather than worrying about how to edit, produce and create that same story using complicated tools,” said Magisto’s CEO, Oren Boiman. “It’s a bit like giving specific creative direction to your own video production team; that production ‘team’ just happens to be an intelligent machine that works in minutes rather than hours.”

Due to the traditionally high cost and complexity of producing high-end video, and the low quality results of most consumer video technology, many small and medium-sized retailers don’t use video as part of their marketing mix. Magisto can change that — with 75 million users and 2.5 billion pieces of content analyzed, Magisto’s AI-based video storytelling platform is evolving rapidly, and the improved technology has pushed the boundaries of the quality, ease and scale of video content that can be created by a machine.

“By extending Magisto to businesses, we’ve reduced the cost of producing a professional video by two orders of magnitude, while making it a thousand times faster because it’s generated by a machine,” said Magisto’s CMO Reid Genauer. “Within the last year, we have seen every major social network optimized for video creating the world’s first effective distribution platform for long-tail business video. “This is the industrial revolution of video and video marketing is no longer a “nice-to-have” — it’s critical for any business,” he continued.

Below is a promotional video for a fashion designer:

Magisto for Business incorporates several features specifically designed for small and medium-sized retailers and other businesses including custom scene selection, scene ordering, scene captioning, speech detection and custom branding. It also offers music licensed for commercial purposes, faster movie creation and unlimited HD downloads. New editing styles and algorithms allow the user to tell the Artificial Intelligence engine what the business use case is, enabling the Emotion Sense Technology (™) to make movies that accurately represent those use cases including; Business Overview, Product Demo, Tutorial, Creative Portfolio and Event Recap. Magisto intends to offer dozens of new business use cases to integrate with e-commerce and vertical marketplaces across numerous categories in 2016.

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