Hand Sanitizer Brand ‘SoPure’ Targets Canadian Retailers

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Canadian brand SoPure is hoping to assist retailers in their transition back to in-store shopping with its premium quality spray hand sanitizer and a variety of dispensers to ensure retailers can provide customers with a safe and sanitized shopping environment.

“At this point, as we’re trying to get back to normalcy, we are focused on providing our retailers with what they need to open their doors for business, and keep their customers and staff safe and protected” said Tamar Matossian, SoPure President. “As COVID-19 began to turn into a pandemic, our facility went into overdrive to accommodate the needs of our country as a whole. For years, we’ve been able to protect and safeguard our customers and their families, but for the past few months we were honoured to protect our front line workers such as the Toronto police force, hospitals, nursing homes, banks, and many other organizations and facilities that were deemed essential.”

SoPure Ensures Hydration in Addition to Sanitation

Developed in 2004 by a chemist to keep his young family free of germs, SoPure spray hand sanitizer is made of 80% pharma and cosmetic grade Ethanol, and is also enriched with Vitamin E and proprietary emollients ensuring hydration while, most importantly, protecting against bacteria and viruses. SoPure is specifically formulated to keep your hands moisturized, with a quick-drying consistently that does not leave any residue behind.

Available in unscented, lavender, honeysuckle, or energy scents, SoPure’s spray hand sanitizer is Health Canada approved and does not contain triclosan, which makes it safe for all ages to use.

“What makes the product very unique and stand out in the range of other sanitizers available on the market is its formula which was tested and enhanced over years. You can use the product all day long and your hands will always feel moisturized and not dry. The spray format makes it versatile in use which is a gives it an advantage over gel which can only be used on hands,” said Tatiana Kunitskaya, Sales Rep for SoPure.

SoPure Innovates in the Face of COVID

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, SoPure has added a range of product sizes and sanitizer dispensers to its product lineup, all of which are designed to work in communal areas such as offices, condos, stores, and schools.

Table top dispensers, wall mounted dispensers, and free standing dispensers are all available on the SoPure website. These newest additions are designed for both style and practicality as retailers and establishments begin to reopen for business.

The hands-free motion sensor desktop dispenser is designed to release the ideal amount of sanitizer into your hands. Suitable for office desks, banks, gyms, retail and restaurant counters, this touch-free option is non-intrusive and easily adaptable to your space.

A sleek wall-mounted hands-free dispenser is designed for communal spaces, you can adjust the quantity distribution to fit required needs.

SoPure also has a dispenser stand available for those who are looking for a more conspicuous station. Portable and easy to assemble, the modern wood sand comes in black and white.

“We also have a very cute mini table top hand sanitizer and diffuser (two in one) which is a great addition to a spa or your home with great features to sanitize your hands while adding a nice ambiance to your environment with a fresh scent of your choice.”

SoPure hand sanitizer is available in spray bottles (2oz and 8oz) and refills are available in either 946mL or 4L Bottles. These can be used to refill your personal spray bottles, as well as your hands-free desktop, wall, and floor dispensers.

The company is offering readers 5% off with code RI5. You can find more information on dispensers and sanitizers at or if you would like to inquire about product distribution contact company sales representative Tatiana Kunitskaya at or 647 298 6980.

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Jessica Finch
Jessica Finch
Jessica Finch is a writer and editor based in Toronto. She holds a BA in English and Psychology and is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Publishing program. She has extensive managerial experience in the food service industry, and is interested in exploring innovations within this sector and other retail environments.

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