Artitalia Group Pivots Manufacturing to Protective Safety Shields for Retailers

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During these unprecedented times of uneasiness and uncertainty, Montreal-based manufacturer Artitalia Group is dedicated to do its part to protect its clients and the community at large.

Amidst shortages of protective gear, the company has diverted its manufacturing capabilities, and pivoted, to meet some of these needs to help the community stop the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Enzo Vardaro, a co-owner and Senior Vice President of the company, said the company understands the concerns at the retail level to protect their staff and clients.

With this in mind, Artitalia has designed and has started immediate production of custom Protective Safety Shields that can be installed at the Point of Sale to help protect staff and customers. The safety shields are being developed for some of the most essential retail outlets required at this time such as pharmacies, grocery stores, convenience stores and banking institutions. And Artitalia will be donating a portion of all sales of the Protective Safety Shields in support to the families and individuals affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in North America.

“We recognize that these are unsettling times and your safety and wellbeing is our top priority,” said Vardaro.

The company, which has been around since 1976, specializes in designing and manufacturing custom products in four different markets – retail, hospitality and restaurant, material handling, and the postal industry. Artitalia has gained some of the biggest corporate giants as clients including McDonald’s, Amazon, Walmart, Target, IHG, and Canada Post.

“We specialize in supplying major retailers across North America with custom products. Because of the pandemic, we started looking at what we could do to help our clients continue operating or what could we do to help our clients make their associates or employees feel comfortable operating on a day-to-day basis,” said Vardaro.


The company has developed a variety of protective safety shields made of custom commercial grade acrylic with a clear finish.

Vardaro said it is clear that germ prevention and hygiene strategies are critical in today’s reality and Artitalia is focused on designing and manufacturing low-cost and effective products to help offer a germ-free environment.

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19 the company has also developed a hands-free door opener.

On the medical side, it also has a wall system that allows anyone to erect a room or multiple rooms very quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Rooms can be built in an open space.

Artitalia is also producing medical carts.

“We’re currently producing material handling carts for companies like Amazon, Canada Post, Purolator, GLS. These are major transport companies. Because stores are being forced to close to help stop the curve, a lot of people are buying online and so these ecommerce companies are looking for companies like us to produce some carts to help manage the influx of packages from the distribution to the logistics company to the end consumer. So we see ourselves making a lot more material handling carts,” said Vardaro.

“But also at that point we thought what’s the difference between a material handling cart and medical carts. We’re getting involved in producing medical carts as well and other items that would be used in the medical field. So holders for IV bags or holders for hand sanitizers or holders for latex gloves or masks. We’re doing all that as well.”

Vardaro said the company is retooling its operations and machines to help fight this pandemic. But it also continues to manufacture its regular products for clients such as community mail boxes and Automated Parcel Lockers.

Vardaro said the company is also working with a major North American retailer looking at future customer shopping habits as a result of the coronavirus. “How are retailers going to sanitize their stores and their products to help keep customers and staff safe?”

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