Canadian Cruelty-Free Apparel and Outerwear Brand ‘Noize’ Opens Several Standalone Stores with More to Come

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Montreal-based Noize, a brand that offers what it describes as cruelty-free and sustainable apparel and outerwear for women and men, is expanding its retail footprint with several new locations, including entering the Ontario market.

The company also has bigger plans to roll out the brand in more locations.

Mayer Vafi

Mayer Vafi, Chief Operating Officer, said the company has a three-year plan that will eventually result in many more locations in North America – not just in Canada. 

“We believe the future of commerce is omni-channel. Digital and physical combined offering that experience for the end consumer to be able to try on the brand, learn about the brand, touch and feel the product of the brand and at the same time shop online,” he said.

The number of stores the company will eventually expand to is still to be determined but Vafi said it will be as much as the company can operationally handle. He said plans in Canada will include other provinces beyond Ontario and Quebec. For example, Western Canada is a target for the retailer.

“We believe that the values of our brand a lot of people out West live by these similar values and also the data proves that our customers are also out there. It’s just an operational, logistical challenge to start so far out,” he said.

Noize at CF Carrefour Laval.
Noize at CF Carrefour Laval. (Image: Noize)

“Retail is far from dead. This whole notion where people are pushing the theme that oh retail is dead and retail is not coming back. Digital and Amazon kills it. That’s all excuses in my opinion for the core business not evolving. I think that offering a unique shopping experience all tailored around customer service and really making sure that the people that walk in understand that you are there to serve them, to solve for them and make sure that they have a good experience which I can clearly say as a consumer going into stores, most retailers don’t. You have to basically almost do the work yourself. 

“We believe that is the future and our business and our retail stores are all tied around the customer experience and making sure that they feel important and that they feel value and showing how much we appreciate the business and the work that they do in coming in to visit us. It is the future. Retail is far from dead. People are going to the malls, people are shopping outside, people are hitting at the stores. It’s just a matter of giving them a reason to buy. A value has to be there and the stuff’s got to look good.”

By the end of September, the retailer will have seven stores. 

Locations include CF Carrefour Laval, Centre Rockland, Montreal Eaton Centre, Mapleview Shopping Centre in Burlington, Ontario, Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga, CF Rideau Centre in Ottawa, and Premium Outlets Montreal in Mirabel.

Noize at Rockland Center.
Noize at Rockland Center. (Image: Noize)

Mapleview opened at the beginning of September while Square One, Rideau Centre and Mirabel will open by the end of the month.

“We have a very healthy wholesale business. We deal with a lot of very reputable North American retailers such as Nordstrom, The Bay, all the key players in the sporting world as well,” said Vafi. “Our ecomm business is very healthy and with the data that we’re able to study from our ecomm sales opening these locations solved strategically for us where our end consumers are located.

“(Expansion) is data driven obviously. That’s why we are expanding in those specific locations. But why we are expanding into retail is because we believe in the omni channel experience. We believe that our end consumer should have the ability to touch and feel the product just as much as look at it through social media or e-commerce on our platform,” said Vafi.

“Omni channel is something we truly believe in and offering a seamless experience between digital and the physical world is really what we’re striving for.”

The brand was established in 2010. 

“Our ethos and our business is built around sustainability and honestly ethical fashion. The brand was born from our belief that what we wear should not only look good and feel great but also be a champion of a positive contribution towards a better tomorrow,” said Vafi. 

“All of our products are vegan, are PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) certified. There’s no animal by-products in what we do and what we manufacture.”

The company manufactures outerwear, sportswear, leisure, active and lounge wear as well as accessories. It also has pet and dog accessories. All products are made in the Orient.

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