commercial real estate

Significant Demand to Acquire Commercial and Foodservice Properties in Canada Despite Pandemic: Experts

Some buyers appear to be preparing for a ‘roaring 20s’ with new supply expected when government supports run out leading to many more business closures.

Outcry to Scrap Airspace Development Tax on Commercial Buildings in Vancouver That Will Harm Small Businesses

Many are dumbfounded at the increase in property taxes that will impact small businesses who are already struggling.

Commercial Real Estate Broker Grace Yan Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Calgary: Exclusive

The well-known commercial and residential realtor aims to bring change to the City of Calgary including amplifying its position on the world stage.

Value of Retail Real Estate to be Hardest Hit Amid COVID-19: Report

Retail bankruptcies and distancing requirements will impact the value of commercial properties for years to come.

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