David Nagy

Empowering Canadian Entrepreneurs: A Conversation with Interac’s Leo Bailey and eCommerce Canada’s David Nagy [Video Interview]

Craig, Leo, and David discuss Interac's commitment to supporting Canada's small business community by fostering innovation and community connections for a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Free Money for Businesses with Online Presence: Canadian Digital Adoption Program [Video Podcast]

Craig and David discuss the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), a $4 billion government-funded initiative to promote digital innovation and transformation for small businesses in Canada.

Online Retail in Canada Becomes Oversaturated as Industry Shifts Following Pandemic Acceleration [Interviews]

A rush to open online stores means there's too much competition -- and the integration with physical stores is more important than ever say experts.

Digitization of Retail in Canada is Increasing the Need For Efficient Merchant Communication in the Online World: Feature Interview

Expert David Nagy discusses the complexities of digital communications and engagement for small-and medium-sized businesses.

Ecommerce Sales In Canada Still Through The Roof, But Shifting Away From Goods Toward Services [Feature]

Industry experts note a shift at a time when ecommerce is exploding during the pandemic.

How a Small Retailer in the BC Interior Amassed Over a Million Social Media Followers in 4 Months

JJs Fashions in Trail began posting videos about its "hot boss" leading to explosive growth in social media interaction and brand awareness.
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