Retail Insider the magazine

Coming Out Soon: Retail Insider the magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1: State of the industry

The Spring 2024 issue discusses the state of the industry from what's happening in physical retail, construction, online channels, and the future as retail transforms.

Retail Insider the magazine Presents the Trends and Forcing Functions that will Shape the Future of Retail

Experts weigh in on the current and future state of the retail industry in Canada, as well as discussion on new retail entrants to Canada.

Bowling and Entertainment Concept ‘The Ballroom Bowl’ Coming to Dundas Square in Toronto, with Plans for Rapid National Expansion [Exclusive]

The premium bowling and entertainment concept has big plans to grow in the Canadian market, featuring elevated food and beverage and differentiated concepts ranging from luxury to industrial.

Coming Soon: Retail Insider the magazine, Volume II, Issue II: Unifying the Retail Experience; Futureproofing Your Brand; and Luxury Heading for the Burbs

The Summer issue of Retail Insider the magazine is brimming with more engaging content, dynamic insights, and expert analysis than ever before.

Out Soon: Retail Insider the magazine, Volume Two Issue One

Canada’s only national retail magazine continues to tackle the industry’s biggest issues as it begins developing its second volume of content.

Video Interview: Chatting About the Latest Issue of Retail Insider the magazine with Sean Tarry

Sean Tarry, Editor-in-Chief of Retail Insider the magazine, talks about the stories and issues being covered, where to find the publication, the concept and how it's different from the daily Retail Insider news website, and what's next for the magazine.

Video Interview: Retail Insider The Magazine Issue 2 Launch Discussion with Sean Tarry

Sean Tarry talks about the feedback from the first issue and how it went, preparation for the second issue, the use of a variety of writers and experts, topics and issues to be discussed in the second issue and what lies ahead for the publication.

Exciting Fall Issue of Retail Insider the magazine: Coming Soon

A dynamic slate of content and research will build on the success of the publication’s inaugural issue.

Retail Executive Roundtable Sparks Lively Discussion Concerning the Transforming Retail Experience

Retail Insider recently hosted top industry leaders for a roundtable discussion within the inaugural edition of Retail Insider the magazine.

Retail Industry’s Biggest Challenges Explored Within the First Issue of Retail Insider the magazine

Unpacking disruptions to the global supply chain, a mounting staffing crisis and the evolving retail experience -- as well as international retailers entering Canada as well as others expanding.

Retail Insider Media Ltd. Announces Spring 2022 Launch of Canada’s Premier Retail Industry Magazine Publication

Retail Insider the magazine promises to deliver an engaging and thought-provoking publication like no other.

Retail Insider to Launch ‘Retail Insider the Magazine’ to Dig Deep into the Fast-Evolving Retail Landscape

Canada’s only national retail-focussed publication to deliver thoughtful research-driven industry insights and analysis
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