Q&A with Keith Hontz, CEO and President of Savantis, on Tech in the Retail Sector

He discusses solutions for the retail industry that can be beneficial to all merchants, especially during these difficult times.

Drone Delivery Set to Disrupt Traditional Distribution Channels in Canada

Delivery by drones could revolutionize retail distribution as companies pilot innovative new technologies in Canada with an eye to the future.

DX3 Conference Returns to Toronto March 10-11 2020

A roster of impressive speakers will be part of the must-attend event happening next month which will showcase the future of retail.

How Canadian Retailers Can Start Preparing for 2030

An industry expert looks ahead to the next 10 years, after reviewing significant changes that we've seen over the past decade.

Canadian Retail and Technology: A Perfect Pair or Doomed to Fail?

In the last decade, technology has both increased competition and become an internal transformational juggernaut to stay competitive, according to expert George Minakakis.
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