Nostalgia vs Reality: Exclusive Poll Shows Canadians Warm to Zellers’ Return but Hesitate to Shop One Year After Relaunch

Zellers relaunched a year ago as shop-in-stores at Hudson's Bay, and a poll done for Retail Insider shows that Canadians' think the current offerings fall short.

Hudson’s Bay to Expand Zellers Pop-ups to All Remaining Locations

Zellers began rolling out in Hudson's Bay stores earlier this year, and soon all locations will have a presence for the brand

Zellers to Open 21 Pop-ups in Hudson’s Bay Stores in Canada, Aiming to Shape Future Retail Strategy

The Zellers concept is being tested in smaller markets following a spring relaunch of the brand within Hudson's Bay stores.

Hudson’s Bay to Close Store in Burlington ON, will Relocate Zellers Shop-in-Store [Exclusive]

One of two Hudson’s Bay department stores in the city will close next year as the retailer strategizes its real estate portfolio.

HBC to Expand Zellers Brand Across Canada in Larger Footprints After Spring Pop-Up Store Launch [Interviews]

The Hudson’s Bay Company is ramping up its investment in Zellers while also freeing up liquidity to grow its operating businesses with other banners.

J.C. Williams Group on Zellers 2.0 [Video Interview]

Craig interviews the team at J.C. Williams Group, who share their experiences at the new Zellers 2.0 locations. The conversation includes what The Bay has done right with the first 25 Zellers shop-in-stores locations, as well as some concerns and what could be improved.

Zellers Relaunch: What’s in Store and Will it be a Success? [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the relaunch of the iconic Canadian retailer including what’s in-store, and Craig’s opinion of the success of the future of the new Zellers concept. Included is a discussion on Zellers’ new Anko line and its various categories, which has seen success at Kmart Australia where it first launched. 

Zellers Could be Successful in Canada After Thursday Launch at Hudson’s Bay [Interview]

Madeleine Nicholls of Colliers says that the timing is right for a value concept as consumers seek nostalgia and value at a challenging time.

Inside Zellers 2.0 and its Newly Secured In-House Brand ‘Anko’ [Photos/Analysis]

The new Zellers stores at Hudson’s Bay launch tomorrow, featuring Kmart Australia-developed brand Anko which is expanding globally after seeing commercial success in that country.

Zellers Reveals Opening Dates for Alberta and Ontario Stores

Zellers will be opening its first locations in Ontario and Alberta and launching its ecommerce platform later this month.

Zellers 2023 Reboot: Will it be a Success? [Podcast]

Craig and Lee talk about Zellers and its return within Hudson's Bay stores this spring. Will it be a success, or will Canadians be disappointed with what's to come?

Zellers to Launch Food Trucks in Effort to Drive Traffic to Bay Stores

The retailer has also all but confirmed the relaunch to the Zeddy teddy bear mascot as it prepares to open 25 locations inside of Hudson’s Bay stores this spring.

Zellers will have Uphill Battle to be Successful and Drive Profits for HBC: Expert [Interview]

Competition, a questionable real estate strategy and challenges in the value-price category are among the headwinds for the re-introduction of the Zellers brand to Canada says Bruce Winder.

Zellers Announces 25 Shop-in-Shop Hudson’s Bay Locations Including Details on Store Sizes

The HBC-owned brand will open smaller shop-in-shops within Hudson's Bay department stores, including a mix of downtown and suburban locations across the country.

Zellers to Open Initial 25 Stores in Canada with Potential Return of Mascot ‘Zeddy’

The new concept stores will feature a range of product categories and marketing indicates the return of a popular teddy bear mascot.

Zellers Stores to be Revived by Hudson’s Bay Company [Exclusive]

The 2.0 retail concept will include Zellers locations within Hudson’s Bay department stores as well as an online portal.

Podcast: Rogue Zellers Stores Opening in Quebec After HBC Lets Trademark Lapse

This week Craig and Lee talk about how a family in Quebec is opening small Zellers-branded stores.

Quebec Family Nabs Zellers Trademark From HBC to Open Small-Format Zellers Stores and Restaurants 

The Hudson’s Bay company is suing the Moniz family who have already opened one small-format Zellers-branded store with plans for more. 

Podcast: Zellers Store-in-Store Opens at Hudson’s Bay, and What Might be Improved

Craig and Lee talk about HBC's recent unveiling of a Zellers pop-up store-in-store in a Hudson's Bay store in Ontario. The discussion includes what's there and how it might be improved for a national rollout.

Zellers Store-in-Store Launches inside of Hudson’s Bay Location [Photos]

More Zellers locations could open in Hudson’s Bay stores according to a Hudson’s Bay Company spokesperson.

New Zellers Twitter Account Adds Humour Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The account has been poking fun at other chains after Zellers shut its remaining two Canadian locations in January.

Hundreds of Stores to Close in Canada in Early 2020 [Analysis]

Retail Insider counts well over 700 retail locations that will shutter early on this year amid a shift in consumer preferences and an otherwise challenging time for the industry. At the same time, some analysts expressed optimism as new concepts open and expand in Canada.

Zellers’ Last 2 Remaining Stores to Close [Analysis]

The remaining two storefronts for the iconic retail chain, still owned by HBC, will finally be closing after almost all of its stores shuttered to make way for Target’s disastrous entry into Canada in 2013. At a time of unprecedented competition in the market, more chains could also fail.

Zellers to open an Ottawa location on April 3rd

Zellers store will re-open in suburban Ottawa on April 3rd.

Zellers is Keeping 3 Stores Open!?

Zellers will keep three stores open in suburban Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. The modified store format will include multiple Hudson's Bay Company banners. We have little other information at this time.
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