How Canadian Fragrance Retailers Are Finding Success in the E-Commerce Market

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By Kayla Matthews

Canadian fragrance retailers must cater to the needs of customers inside the country while considering the possibility of expanding beyond the country’s borders. Fortunately, e-commerce allows them to do just that.

Shifting Content Strategies to Match the Digital World

Michel Germain Parfums is one of the biggest Canadian fragrance brands. One of the moves that bolstered their success was to change content strategies to account for the fact that people consumed content differently when viewing the material online versus through another method. Michel Germain runs his brand with his wife Norma from a 100-acre property near Almonte, Ontario.

Norma writes most of the company’s content, and she explained how operating in a digital world has changed her methods: “The digital world is the new reality. It’s a changing world, and you have to stay relevant, or you die. We write in sentences rather than in paragraphs and are moving to video to create visuals.”


Indeed, today’s skilled content creators know that people want content they can skim or easily view on their phones. They’re also aware that video-based content is a trend that seems to have staying power. Shorter content and video supplements make it easier for people to learn about products more efficiently.

Michel has also capitalized on the storytelling trend that’s particularly powerful in e-commerce. He often mentions that he grew up focusing on sports and knew nothing about perfumes. Once Norma told him that none of the fragrances on the market made her feel desirable, Michel decided to make a change by creating a brand that’s now a hit.

Michel Germain Parfums can attribute its success to numerous factors, but digital-friendly content and a fascinating story that helps drive sales are two aspects that have undoubtedly gotten people interested.

Appealing to Cross-Border Shoppers

The internet makes it extremely easy for brands to grow their profits by letting people in either the United States or Canada shop without leaving home. A trend that’s gaining momentum involves brands that are firmly established in one country determining that it’s time to branch out.

In June 2019, for example, news broke that Ulta Beauty would start opening stores in Canada as well as running e-commerce operations there. Stores that operate primarily online in Canada often find success by making it as easy as possible for people to buy things no matter if they’re in the United States or Canada.

Perfume Online markets itself as Canada’s #1 Online Perfume Store. It offers free shipping to both customers in the United States and Canada as long as they spend at least $99. That’s one strategy that could make people feel encouraged to buy more than they otherwise might. Near the top of the Perfume Online site, people can toggle between seeing prices in U.S. or Canadian dollars, a handy function that eliminates guesswork and surprises when someone is using a particular currency.

A report from Research and Markets examined the North American perfume market from 2019 to 2024. It expects the sector to see a combined annual growth rate of more than three percent over that period. Analysts clarified that two of the reasons behind the increase are that people are spending more on beauty and personal care products in the region, and they’re also more likely to prefer using several scents instead of a single signature fragrance.

Canadian fragrance brands with a presence in the e-commerce market can capitalize on the expected market rise by simplifying the process people go through if they’re shopping in either the United States or Canada. Getting rid of border-related friction could increase sales.


Fragrance as Part of a Broader Well-Being Strategy

A trend that’s becoming apparent in the global fragrance industry that could easily become prominent in Canada is that people are starting to see fragrance differently. They no longer think of it as only a bottle of perfume. Instead, fragrance is starting to be viewed as a tool for well-being. For example, a person might buy a scented pillow spray or a fragranced candle to help them relax at the end of a stressful day.

Canada Scents, Inc. is already prepared for that trend. In addition to fragrances, the e-commerce site sells natural body care, shower gel, hand wash, and even scented drawer liners. Numerous studies show that pleasing scents can improve a person’s mood, make them more productive and help them unwind. Canada Scents, Inc. makes it simple for people to buy the scented stuff they love.

Since people don’t have to go to multiple websites to get plenty of superbly scented stuff, Canada Scents, Inc. boosts their likelihood of becoming more profitable. Shoppers can get products from various brands in one place, which could make per-order totals go up.

An Increased Appreciation for Natural Products

A survey commissioned by Tom’s of Maine and conducted by Leger Marketing found that most Canadians prefer natural personal care products. Additionally, the results showed that 72% of those polled believe in supporting brands featuring all-natural ingredients. The e-commerce sector makes it easier for people to buy such products from wherever they are.

Wild Coast Perfumery is a Canadian fragrance brand that leaves no doubt about the company’s commitment to all-natural ingredients. That fact features on the homepage as well as throughout the supporting content. The site also comes up among the top results for a “Canadian natural perfume” search on Google.

The brand’s e-commerce strategy emphasizes natural ingredients. That approach should serve it well as Canadian consumers continue to prefer natural products or at least explore the brands offering them. One large e-commerce trend is that many people research products online before buying them. However, when stores provide trustworthy information and a smooth shopping process, customers can do both in the same place.

This overview shows how paying attention to broader trends can pay off for Canadian fragrance retailers. Those that remain aware of how the e-commerce market evolves will be well-positioned to prosper.

Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews is a researcher, writer and blogger covering topics related to technology, smart gadgets, the future of work and personal productivity. She is the owner and editor of and Previously, Kayla was a senior writer at MakeUseOf and contributing freelancer to Digital Trends. Kayla’s work on smart homes and consumer tech has also been featured on Houzz, Dwell, Inman and Curbed. Additionally, her work has appeared on Quartz, PRNewswire, The Week, The Next Web, Lifehacker, Mashable, The Daily Dot, WIRED and others.

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