Ardene Launches Donation Campaign to Support Canadian Healthcare Workers

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Montreal-based retailer Ardene has launched a donation campaign to support healthcare workers across the country in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The fashion retailer is sending women’s sneakers and socks in assorted sizes to hospitals, medical centres, and COVID-19 screening clinics across the country.

The need for new, unworn, sanitary garments continues to increase as hospital teams are required to change their shoes and socks multiple times a day to avoid contamination and to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Canadian fashion retailer has already donated over 7,000 pairs of sneakers and socks to hospitals across Quebec – including the Montreal General, the Royal Victoria, Hôpital Pierre-Boucher, and Hôpital de la Cité-de-la-Santé – but the company promises that this is only the beginning.

To assist Ardene in its fight against COVID-19, the brand is making a plea to Canadians for help in determining which hospitals are most in need of women’s sneakers and socks. Some areas are really struggling and Ardene wants to hear from those on the front line.

If you know of someone in need, please email with the following information:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Hospital / Medical Centre
  • Shipping Address
  • The Number of Supplies Requested
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Ardene’s campaign kicked off on social media on March 25th and is quickly gaining momentum with each passing day. Within the first 48 hours, the company received almost 50 requests from small and large organizations alike. “The need is real, and we’re here to support our healthcare community. If we can amplify our message, we can reach even more communities across the nation, and we can really make a difference.” says the Ardene Foundation. “Stores may be closed right now, but we are still proud members of this community. We will continue to do our best to support Canadians, especially those on the font lines risking their lives to keep us safe.”

In addition to donating sneakers and socks for healthcare workers, Ardene is set to donate new clothing to women’s shelters across Canada.

Additionally, for every purchase made on during the COVID-19 crisis, Ardene will also give $1 to WE Well-being in support of youth mental and physical well-being education.

Founded in 1982, Ardene is known across North America for its affordable and trendy fast fashion. With over 325 stores in Canada, an expanding international presence, and a growing ecommerce business, the company is sure to weather this COVID-19 storm and is acting accordingly by offering aid to those less fortunate.

Through its dedicated charity organization, the Ardene Foundation, Ardene takes a collaborative approach to social responsibility. In 2019 alone, Ardene employees contributed over 1,500 paid volunteer hours to initiatives in their regions. Ardene has also donated over $4 million to hospitals across Canada through the Starlight Children’s Foundation and maintains a partnership with ME to WE that has made almost 90,000 positive impacts on families worldwide.

As Ardene continues to do its part to fight COVID-19 and to help flatten the curve, the retailer encourages its loyal customers to do the same; continue to self-isolate, be smart, and stay safe.

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