La Maison Simons Launches 1st High-End In-House Designer Collection [Interview]

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Quebec City-based La Maison Simons‘ newest fashion collection is designed by its in-house talent to create timeless and higher-quality pieces.

The new collection of a dozen pieces geared towards women launched a few weeks ago and it showcases the talent of the in-house design team, which consists of 150 people. The collection, called Édito by Simons, is carried in the upscale designer Édito departments located in selected Simons stores.

“At Simons we are always playing with new ideas. I wanted to experiment and do something different. We have done so many collaborations with international or local designers and I thought we were really ready to do something on our own with our own label and our own in-house talent where we can push up our levels of design, increase quality, and use much more luxurious fabrics,” says Richard Simons, Vice President of La Maison Simons.

Image: Édito by Simons

Simons said the company decided to go in-house for this collection as it fits more into its vision of buying better, using more ecological fabrics, and “we just wanted to keep building on that and I am happy with the way it has gone. The collection is in smaller units of what we are normally used to and we have a world class design team that travels across the world.”

Simons said with designing in-house, the team is able to experiment, and bring everyone’s knowledge together to design specifically to what the customer wants. This season’s collection includes blazers, knit sweaters, dresses, coats, long skirts, and more.

“You don’t see a lot of long skirts on the market this Fall, but they are definitely uptrending as we have seen a lot of long skirts popping up for Spring and a lot of international designers. This collection is more minimalist, it is more luxurious, refined, and it is modern. It is our vision of our customer of just wanting a timeless, basic, and clean design.”

“In The Fine Details”

Image: Édito by Simons

Simon’s said the designs are more in the fine details and fabric choices – usually something a customer would not necessarily notice.

“The shape, the colors, the shape of the sleeves – a lot of it is in the fine details. You will see a very well made blazer, top quality wool fabrics, made in Italy, with the finishing being superior quality. It might not be apparent to customers, but we know we are working with quality fabrics that are going to wear well, survive, and be part of a woman’s wardrobe for many years to come.”

The fabrics that were used in this collection include a mix of yarn such as alpaca yarn, wool, linen, and silk. Simons said the fabrics the team has used are more luxurious than what you see in higher end collections.

“It is special blends you don’t normally see in retail and so we are excited about that. There are about a dozen pieces in the collection and we are going to listen to our customers and see what is working, exchange ideas, and see how it evolves.”

Looking to Add

Rendering: Simons at Halifax Shopping Centre

Although nothing has been decided on yet of what the in-house design team will be adding to the collection, customers can expect an additional collection in the Spring. As it will be a new season, the design will be tweaked for the details that are current for the Spring season, but will be created with different fabrics for the warmer weather. The Spring collection, Simons said, will keep the same minimalist feel, be modern, and very refined.

“We are always looking and studying for new opportunities in the market and I think just in retail today, you have to do something special and remarkable – just being average is not enough. You have to take risks, you have to be out there. The more risks you are taking, the more projects you are taking on – some are going to fail, but failing is good. As long as we are trying, exploring, and looking to do more collaborations, there are just endless ideas out there.”

To keep up with new fashion trends, Simons says the team are constantly on the market and are attending fashion weeks around the world such as the Paris and Korean fashion week so they can see a variety of collections and keep up with what is new and trending.

“We are constantly evolving and fashion is always changing which makes the industry fascinating. We see a lot of different collections, we study fashion like somebody would study medicine. We are constantly adapting our collections to serve our customers’ needs and respond to what is needed in the world.”

Image: Édito by Simons

Outside of the in-house collection, Simons was only able to disclose the new store opening in Halifax for 2024 that will be located in the Halifax Shopping Centre. The new store will be located on the third floor beside Zara and Apple and will be its 17th store. As for other new stores, we will have to wait for details and for now Simons says the design team is always looking for new ideas to bring to its collection.

“We take a lot of joy in working with young talent and discovering the possibilities that can happen. I think it is important to be out there and always looking for new ideas and not get too comfortable – things are always changing and you have to be a little nervous and humble in this industry. We keep our head to the ground, work hard, and we are exploring new ideas – hopefully our customers will appreciate them.”

The Édito by Simons collection is available at and in the following stores:

  • Place Ste-Foy, Quebec City
  • Downtown Montreal, Montreal
  • Galeries d’Anjou, Montreal
  • CF Carrefour Laval, Laval
  • CF Fairview Pointe Claire, Pointe-Claire
  • CF Rideau Centre, Ottawa
  • Square One, Mississauga
  • West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton
  • The CORE, Calgary
  • Park Royal South, Vancouver

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