Retail Staffing

What Canada Can Learn From Sweden About Creating Middle-Class Retail Jobs: Op-Ed

Canadian grocery-store workers earn low wages compared to their counterparts in Sweden. Why?

Significant Staffing Crisis in Canada as Retailers Reopen: Feature

The greatest staffing challenge ever faced by Canadian retailers follows pandemic lockdowns creating an emergency situation.

Retail Staffing in Canada: Why CERB Worked and EI Does Not (OpEd)

Industry recruiter Suzanne Sears sets out why delays with EI are seeing retail employees hesitate to return amid lockdowns and other uncertainties.

Mounting Retail Staffing Crisis in Canada Requires Internal Growth and Development: Expert

Impacts of the global pandemic are challenging retailers’ efforts to find the right talent.

Struggling to Find Staff in Rural Areas? Try Swob!

Swob is an award-winning recruiting platform to help employers in high turnover industries find local talent.

When Looking for Retail Staff Say Hello to Swob — The New Technology

Swob is an award-winning recruitment platform developed to help employers in high-turnover industries, such as Retail, Food Service, and Hospitality, find qualified local talent.

Canadian Retailers Incorrectly Positioning Sales Associates as ‘Stylists’: Expert

An industry professional explains the importance of differentiation between the two and how retailers may see success by hiring more specialists.

Canadian Retail Forecast for 2019: Slower Growth and Challenges with Opportunity 

A flood of store closing announcements this year are causing concern to the industry, while international retailers continue to enter the country seeking a piece of the pie. Despite economic and other challenges, there are bright spots. 

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