The Video Interview Series

Video Interview: Rebelstork Making It Easier For Parents To Sell Their Baby Gear

The company's founder and CEO discusses the company's new partnership with Monti Kids, as well as the technology behind the marketplace, how it is impacting the industry, the future of resale, the history behind the company.

Video Interview: Indochino Partners With Nordstrom For Mini Showroom Presence

CEO Drew Green talks about the concept of mini showrooms within the retailer's stores, how many exist today, plans for the future, if more are coming, whether Indochino will look at other retailers to introduce the concept, recent developments for Indochino, the introduction of a women's line and the impact of the pandemic on the business.

Video Interview: Shashi Behl, Founder/CEO of Joydrop, Discusses Future Plans & RCC Award

Behl talks about what the award meant to her and the company, the history of Joydrop and what it does, the impact of the pandemic, lessons learned through the pandemic and future plans for the company.

Video Interview: What Can Be Done About The Labour Shortage In Retail in Canada?

Suzanne Sears talks about how retailers can find and retain staff, what created this situation, how bad it is, can wages fix it, is it just a wage issue, can retail be a career choice for young people, is it going to get better or worse and the recent news of layoffs at Shopify.

Video Interview: Arlene Dickinson’s Venturepark Business Ecosystem Contributes $1.6 Billion To Economy

Dickinson talks about what Venturepark Labs and District Ventures Capital do, where they invest money, the focus on food and wellness, what they look for in a company, how they decide where to invest, where the capital comes from and how businesses can apply.

Video Interview: Paul Wood, CEO of Giant Tiger and 2022 Canadian Retailer Of The Year Award Winner

Wood talks about the company's success, his background, why he likes retail, current challenges in the industry, key lessons learned through the pandemic, current stores, what's new with the retailer and plans for the future.

Video Interview: Is Canada’s Retail Sector Back To Pre-Pandemic Activity?

Melissa Newton talks about current trends in the market, leasing activity, the level of store closures, and the impact of a seventh wave.

Video Interview: Canadians Continue To Shop Local As Small Businesses Innovate

An industry analyst talks about the reasons for the support, how sustainability and social responsibility are helping drive the trend, and how small business owners are looking at innovation, digital solutions and diversification as key aspects of growth.

Video Interview: What Will A Seventh Pandemic Wave Mean For Canadian Small Business Owners?

The CFIB talks about the current level of stress and anxiety in the industry, the possibility of lockdowns and restrictions, the optimism and confidence levels of owners, the impact of rising costs, the current labour shortage, the lack of government support programs and the recent Rogers network outage.

Video Interview: OPA! Bringing Greek Cuisine To More And More Canadians

The president of the chain talks about the history of the company, its current presence in the country, growth plans, the impact of the pandemic, and its franchising model.
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