HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Retail Insider Goes On Vacation

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Happy Holidays, Readers!

We’re taking a break and heading to the United States to do some research and to visit family. If any interesting retail news comes up while we’re away, we’ll try to post it here, or at least mention it on our twitter (@retailinsider_) and our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/RetailInsider  

Recent world tragedies remind us to hold our loved ones tighter and to live each day to its fullest. Live, have fun, and please be responsible and respectable to your family and fellow-shoppers.   

We’ll be back full-steam in the New Year with a new “look”. In the mean time, one of our insiders will update our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as post any “emergency” articles to Retail Insider’s website if anything huge happens while we’re away. That might include, for example, if The Hudson’s Bay Company was purchased by France’s Galeries Lafayette, if Japan’s Seibu takes over Canada’s Sears, or if the world ends December 21st. None of these are likely to happen, of course, so this website will likely remain temporarily quiet. 

Happy Holidays everyone! From the gang @ Retail Insider.   Retail Insider on twitter: @retailinsider_ Retail Insider on Facebook: www.facebook.com/RetailInsider  Got any retail insider info? insider@retail-insider.com



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