Innovative Accessories Retailer Spareparts Looks to Expand Store Base

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Innovative Saskatoon-based multi-brand lifestyle accessories retailer Spareparts is looking to expand its Canadian store base. Its combination of curated product, superior customer service, and beautiful store interiors sets the retailer apart, achieving best in class sales productivity. 

Founded in 1992, the Saskatchewan retailer boasts seven locations: one in Saskatoon, one in Regina, two in Calgary, two in Winnipeg, and one in Kelowna. It focuses on accessories and has a comprehensive range of styles and brands, from streetwear to contemporary fashion. Product is curated by a team of buyers, and brands available include Farmfresh, Michael Kors, Nixon, Herschel, Oakley, Burton, and several others. Farmfresh is the Spareparts’ private label line and features premium sunglasses and watches. The popular line has recently received positive press coverage

We spoke with Spareparts’ founder, Danny Mysak, who explained why Spareparts is unique, and why it achieves best in class sales productivity. Mr. Mysak explained that Spareparts is highly service-oriented, keen on building relationships with its clients. You’re not just buying a product when in the store – you’re buying the experience, complete with beautiful interiors, a highly curated product mix, and an attentive, well-trained sales staff who ensure that clients are satisfied. 

Mr. Mysak explained how Spareparts is somewhat unique to a mall location-based retailer, in how it participates in its local communities. “We seek out aspirational players in our respective markets and leverage our community teams through our marketing efforts with the intent of acquiring authentic and local credibility”, he said. 

The company also has its own fashion blog, The Rooster, offering a glimpse of life on the Canadian prairies and around the world, as well as fashion editorial, community profiles and lifestyle content exclusive to Spareparts.

Spareparts’ store interiors are cutting edge and beautifully designed. The company has worked with cutting-edge Vancouver-based design firm Cutler for its store interiors, which are bright and modern, yet clean and inviting. Designer Natalie Cutler says: “We love collaborating with Spareparts, it’s such a creative process and we are given the freedom to make each location a bit unique.  We have a shared passion for architecture and integrate that into the storefront and interior fixtures.  The goal is to design a space that feels a bit like home and focuses on the finishes, lighting and the little details”

Mr. Mysak tells us that for future locations, Spareparts seeks space in the 1,000 to 1,700 square foot range, ideally in high-traffic shopping centres. 

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