Kimberlite Diamonds Unveils 1st North American Flagship with Impressive Event [Photos]

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Light on the Land. Photo:   Kimberlite DiamondsLight on the Land. Photo:   Kimberlite Diamonds

Light on the Land. Photo: Kimberlite Diamonds

By Helen Siwak

Over 200 distinguished VIP and media guests gathered at the Vancouver Convention Centre last week for the Kimberlite Diamond Fine Jewelry Show, coinciding with the opening of Kimberlite’s first flagship store in North America at 2828 Granville Street. On the runway was $50-million worth of signature haute masterpieces which impressively conveyed the brand’s global vision in luxury jewelry design. The evening’s celebration was the follow-up of the launch of Kimberlite’s North American flagship on Vancouver’s South Granville Street

Hosted by Columbian-Chinese pageant queen Maria Rincon and including performances by renowned Chinese opera singers Mr. Yu Junjian, Ms. Wang Yifeng, and Ms.Yin Xiumei (who were flown in especially for the event), guests were entertained by an acrobatic duo, three distinct media walls for portrait options, and a catered selection of food and beverages.

Opening speakers included Mr. Yu Shanjun of the Chinese Commercial Consul and Mr. Dong LiuSheng, President of Kimberlite. Sitting in a position of honour in the audience, with Kimberlite’s Head of Canada Erica Chen, was Canadian-born Hong Kong-based actress Linda Chung.

Granville Street storefront (Above) by Helen Siwak. Interior photos (Below) by   rae kung (Think x Blink)Granville Street storefront (Above) by Helen Siwak. Interior photos (Below) by   rae kung (Think x Blink)

Granville Street storefront (Above) by Helen Siwak. Interior photos (Below) by rae kung (Think x Blink)

The 2,012-square-foot space on South Granville was envisioned by Vancouver design firm Cutler, and completed with assistance from Peregrine and CDC Construction. Fixtures and design cases were custom-ordered and tailored especially for the Canadian market with the marble flooring laid with the greatest of care. The use of luxurious textures and finishes in a neutral palette reflect the quality of the product while letting the diamonds glimmer without competition for attention.

Impressive design features include custom ceiling coves with indirect lighting, leather-inspired wall paneling, soft forms, and layers of glass. The overall effect is one of understated elegance. Peregrine manufactured the store’s upholstered wall panels, metal and glass showcases and consultation desk. 

Established in 1995, Kimberlite Diamond is the first definitive brand to specialize in diamond jewelry in China and is recognized as the leader in China’s diamond industry with almost 700 retail locations. Kimberlite was also the first in China to follow the “quality authentication protocol” with international diamond professional organization HRD (Belgium Diamond High Council), ensuring high-quality diamonds for all Kimberlite Diamond customers.

“Because we truly value the North American market, we have presented the best of our high jewelry collection at this top-notch Fine Jewelry Show in Vancouver,” said Mr. Kellan Dong, Kimberlite Diamond’s CEO. “We hope all of our distinguished customers and media guests are able to better understand our brand’s vision, with the showcase of our ultimate collection at last night’s fine jewelry show.”

Since 2015, Kimberlite Diamond has been the only jewelry brand from China to showcase its diamond collection at Baselworld in Switzerland. After being exhibited along with the world’s most prestigious jewelry brands inside the High Jewelry Pavilion, the Kimberlite brand is now well-recognized as a rising star in the industry.

When asked why Vancouver was chosen as the North American flagship location at 2828 Granville Street, Dong explained that as a company they “recognize the potential growth of spending power in North America, especially in Vancouver. Vancouver is an iconic multicultural city where people here can well-accept different cultures and new ideas.”

Highlights of the Fine Jewelry Show:

The Moon Goddess. Photo:   Kimberlite DiamondsThe Moon Goddess. Photo:   Kimberlite Diamonds

The Moon Goddess. Photo: Kimberlite Diamonds

The Moon Goddess” is a 25.05-carat main moon-shaped diamond, complemented by 1877 gems creating a unique silhouette, and a total weight of 108 carats, valued at $26M.

The Melting Iceberg. Photo:   Kimberlite DiamondsThe Melting Iceberg. Photo:   Kimberlite Diamonds

The Melting Iceberg. Photo: Kimberlite Diamonds

The Melting Iceberg,” winner of the Designer Award of China Jewelry Design and Production Skills Competition, valued at $400,000. Platinum and diamonds depicting an iceberg floating atop the Arctic Sea.

Plum Blossom. Photo:   Kimberlite DiamondsPlum Blossom. Photo:   Kimberlite Diamonds

Plum Blossom. Photo: Kimberlite Diamonds

Plum Blossom” crown and bracelet set unveiled at Baselworld 2016, valued at $300,000, from Kimberlite Diamond’s “Charm of China” collection.

Riding the Wind and Waves. Photo:   Helen SiwakRiding the Wind and Waves. Photo:   Helen Siwak

Riding the Wind and Waves. Photo: Helen Siwak

Riding the Wind and Waves” necklace and earring set from the “Sino-Song” collection, valued at $380,000. Inspired by a Song dynasty painting titled “Layers of Raging Waves.”

Zhu Wenjun with Models. Photo:   Kimberlite DiamondsZhu Wenjun with Models. Photo:   Kimberlite Diamonds

Zhu Wenjun with Models. Photo: Kimberlite Diamonds

“These extraordinary pieces illustrate our unique approach to luxury jewelry design. The idea of “East Meets West” hasn’t just distinguished our brand, but has also extended our creative sphere by synthesizing traditional Chinese culture with contemporary jewelry design,” commented Ms. Zhu Wenjun, Chief Designer of Kimberlite Diamond and the proud winner of the World Gold Council and Hong Kong JMA International Jewelry Design Competition.

To further introduce Kimberlite Diamond’s unique vision to the world, the company is already looking to expand into other core North American cities such as Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles.

Additional Pieces. Photo:   Kimberlite DiamondsAdditional Pieces. Photo:   Kimberlite Diamonds

Additional Pieces. Photo: Kimberlite Diamonds


Helen Siwak is the publisher of Magazine, a freelance content creator specializing in retail and luxury lifestyle. She is a regular content contributor to Boulevard Vancouver (English & Chinese), Retail-InsiderBLUSH Vancouver, and has lifestyle blogged for StyleDemocracy and Daily Hive. When not writing, she is attending fashion events, traveling, and advocating for animal/human rights.

Article Author

Helen Siwak
Helen Siwak is the founder of EcoLuxLuv Communications, publisher of Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, and specializes in the Luxury Lifestyle niche. She is the West Coast Correspondent for Retail-Insider and has a vast freelance portfolio including Montecristo Magazine, Boulevard English & Chinese editions, and Indulge.

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