15-Minute Grocery Delivery Startup Tiggy Rapidly Expanding into New Markets in Canada: Interview

The ultrafast delivery startup is aiming to disrupt an already competitive industry with plans to service major urban markets.

Automated Technologies to Have Profound Impact on Grocery Retail in Canada: Feature/Expert Interview

From farmgate to plate, the use of robotics is set to revolutionize the grocery industry in Canada as the industry transforms rapidly.

Pandemic to Cause Largest Increase in Grocery Prices in Canadian History: Sylvain Charlebois

Food inflation is a serious concern in Canada as we head into the fall amid uncertainty and increased costs.

Canadian Grocery Retailers Bracing for Potential Cyberattacks Against Systems Amid Rash of Successful Ransomware Incidents [Feature]

Organizations and consumers across the country could face devastating consequences as a result of nefarious hacker activity say experts.

6 Ways Canadian Grocery Retail Was Forever Changed by the Pandemic

Online ordering, robotics, fewer consumer trips, touch-free checkouts, supply chain resiliency and declining peak hours are among the major changes.

Why Canadian Grocers Need a Code of Conduct: Sylvain Charlebois

The industry expert says that Sobeys' getting behind it will also help independent grocers at a challenging time.

Loblaws’ ‘Middle Mile’ Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Grocery in Canada: Sylvain Charlebois

Sylvain Charlebois says the future of the grocery industry in Canada is becoming even more competitive amid ecommerce innovations.

Second Lockdowns Will Have Impact on Food Retail in Canada: Sylvain Charlebois

The industry expert says that Canadian retailers are in a better position to deal with a surge while consumers are more confident in the supply chain this second round.

Some Grocery Retailers Are Struggling to Adopt eCommerce Amid COVID-19

A large number of food retailers, both big and small, have found themselves ill-equipped to deal with hordes of new customers.

Thinking Beyond Self-Checkouts to Improve the Customer Experience in Grocery Stores

Grocery retailers in Canada are now looking beyond self-checkouts to design the next generation of in-store experiences that will keep consumers coming back. An expert says that the biggest trends to watch for in the coming years are in interactive digital displays, data extraction, and further application of IoT.
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