Liza Amlani

Canadian Retailers Embrace Circular Economy to Meet Consumer Demands for Sustainability [Feature/Expert Interviews]

Consumers are starting to not only question a retailer’s impact on the environment but they have more options than ever say experts.

Shuffling of Big-Box Retail Real Estate in Canada: Interview with Liza Amlani

With recent news of Bed Bath & Beyond locations being acquired while other retailers vacate spaces, the landscape is shifting for a variety of reasons says an expert.

Northern Touch Vintage Seeing Success with Standalone Stores and Holt Renfrew Partnership [Interviews]

The Toronto-based vintage streetwear retailer is creating excitement with a range of original and hard-to-find items that have become highly coveted.

Women Of Color Retail Alliance Building A Network Of Support And Change [Interview]

Kimberly Lee Minor and Liza Amlani discuss the organization and the challenges women of colour still face in the retail sector.

Why So Many American Retailers have Failed in Canada [Feature/Expert Interviews]

Following the announcement of Nordstrom's exit from Canada, Retail Insider interviewed a panel of experts about why various retailers from the US have struggled here.

Video Interview: How Retailers in Canada Can Navigate Through These Challenging Times

Expert Liza Amlani discusses the biggest mistakes retailers are making today, their biggest challenges, trends in the industry, impact of supply chain issues and how rising costs will impact consumers.

Online Retail in Canada Becomes Oversaturated as Industry Shifts Following Pandemic Acceleration [Interviews]

A rush to open online stores means there's too much competition -- and the integration with physical stores is more important than ever say experts.

Video Interview: The Growing Appeal Of Pop-Up Stores in Canada

Liza Amlani talks about why the retail sector is seeing a rise in these stores, where they can be found, the formats they are appearing in, sectors of retail using them, the length of time they stay open and setting the stage for permanent stores.

Bed Bath & Beyond Sales Plunge 25% in a Year, Bringing its Future into Question: Canadian Expert Comment

The retailer is reducing hours and even air conditioning to cut down on costs. Experts such as Doug Stephens question its future.

Sustainability Needs to be a Focus for Retailers in Canada Amid Consumer Demands: Expert/Interview

Liza Amlani says that retailer and brands need to place greater focus and emphasis on improving sustainable production practices as consumers demand it.

Video Interview: What Do Retailers in Canada Have To Do Today To Survive And Thrive?

Amlani talks about biggest mistakes retailers are making today, their biggest challenges, trends in the industry, impact of supply chain issues and how rising costs will impact consumers.

Brands Increasingly Going Direct-to-Consumer in Canada as Pandemic Changes Fundamentals: Expert Interview

The continued success of multi-brand retailers will be challenged in the face of increased manufacturer competition she said.

Podcast [Interview] 2022 Retail Predictions with Liza Amlani

Craig and retail expert Liza Amlani talk about the Canadian retail landscape including her predictions for what's to come as we head further into this year.
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