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Supply Chain Issues for Canadian Retailers Expected into 2025: Expert

Various factors are contributing to ongoing challenges to coordinate the optimal availability of goods says Gary Newbury.

Greed and Profiteering in the Supply Chain Causing Unsustainable Price Increases for Retail Goods in Canada: Experts

Incredible disruption from the pandemic and war in the Ukraine are wreaking havoc on logistics and the consumer will suffer say experts.

Retail Supply Chain in Canada Requires Significant Reimagination Amid Consumer Shift [Feature]

Collaboration and information sharing could improve retail supply networks and enhance the customer experience says a leading expert.

Devastating Flooding in BC to Further Exacerbate Supply Chain Challenges in Canada: Experts

Catastrophic flooding will have ripple effects across the country and the situation isn't over yet.

How to Make Fragile Global Supply Chains Stronger and More Sustainable: Op-Ed

Challenges come at a critical time as retailers stock stores for the busy December Holiday Season.

From PPE Shortages to COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, The Supply Chain has Emerged as a Determinant of Health: Op-Ed

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how disruptions to global supply chains could also affect access to health care.

How Pickers, Packers, and Drivers Are More Important to the Brand Experience Than Ever in Canada

As online sales surge, efficiency in the supply chain and reliable last-mile delivery are becoming even more critical to creating a positive shopping experience that consumers expect and now demand.

Rethinking and Retooling the Retail Supply Chain as a Strategic Driver of Growth in Canada

Gary Newbury explains how shifts in the retail supply chain are needed amid a shift online by consumers.

President of Arc’teryx Urges Apparel Industry: Don’t Save Sinking Supply Chain by Pushing Garment Workers Overboard

Jon Hoerauf, President of Arc'teryx, says that 2020 is a reckoning for the global apparel sector.

Drones and the Future of Retail Delivery in Canada: Experts Comment

As roads are clogged with delivery vehicles, drone technology is being strategized for widespread use amid challenges.

Will a Second Wave of COVID-19 Induce Panic Buying in Canada Again?

Retail expert Sylvain Charlebois explains how things have changed since the first shutdown in the spring.

Canadian Retailers Must Rethink Supply Chain Amid Vastly Changing Times: Expert

Gary Newbury sets out three stages over the next year for the Canadian retail industry if it hopes to survive into 2021.

Fear Could Disrupt Global Supply Chains: Sylvain Charlebois

The industry expert says that governments are stepping in, though in some instances they may not know what they're doing.
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