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Nordstrom, Eataly, Muji, Uniqlo, DSW, and top malls…The following are the top 10 most read topics on Retail Insider for 2014. We’ll continue to update you on these and other topics into 2015 and beyond. 


1) North America’s Most Productive Shopping Centres in 2013: Five of North America’s top 10 most productive malls were in Canada, and our report was picked up by media sources both in Canada, as well as internationally. We’ll provide our 2014 numbers later this month in what will surely become one of our most-read articles in 2015. 

2) Nordstrom Opens 1st Canadian Location: The highly anticipated opening of the upscale Seattle-based retailer gained thousands of readers. Our two most read articles were those where in September of 2014 we revealed what designers would be carried in the store and later that month, when we attended the store’s opening gala and took photos for an article revealing how Nordstrom’s Canadian stores will be more contemporary looking than those in the United States.

3) Premium Oulets Montreal Opens: The highly anticipated outlet mall opened in October of 2014. Well over 100,000 people read our two articles on the subject, including our first where we provided details of its construction, and our second article where we revealed photos as well as a full list of retail tenants. 

4) Eataly is Coming to Canada: Sources say that Eataly is working with a Canadian partner to bring the innovative Italian food concept to Canada. We’re told that Toronto is a priority, likely in the Yorkville area, and that locations in Montreal and Vancouver could follow. 

5) Muji Opens in Canada: Minimalist Japanese retailer Muji opened its first Canadian store in November of 2014. Thousands read our articles describing Muji’s plans to expand across Canada, the exact location of its first store, and our guest-authored article with photographs of the Toronto store’s interior and offerings. 

6) DSW Comes to Canada: Popular American discount footwear retailer DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse bought a stake in Canada’s Town Shoes, paving the way for DSW’s entry into Canada. DSW’s first Canadian locations opened in the summer of 2014 and just last month, we were the first to announce DSW’s first locations for Alberta, opening this spring. 

7) Uniqlo Canadian Store Locations Discussion: Overall, articles about Japanese fast-fashion retailer Uniqlo are probably the single most-read topic on Retail Insider’s. Our article discussing possible Uniqlo locations gained close to 100,000 readers alone. We expect to announce Uniqlo’s first Canadian locations, opening in 2016, within the next few months.  

8) Mississauga’s Square One will be North America’s Only Mall featuring both a Walmart and a Luxury Anchor: We were surprised how many people read our article describing how in the spring of 2016 the busy Mississauga mall will be the only North American centre with Walmart and a luxury anchor, Holt Renfrew. We’ll be providing an update on the topic in the following months, however, sources say that the mall’s landlord plans to make major, unannounced changes which could affect current and proposed mall anchors. 

9) Victoria’s Secret to Replace Montreal Chapters Bookstore: Outrage erupted among some readers when we announced that a 35,000 square foot lingerie retailer would replace a large bookstore. All’s not lost, however, as a nearby Indigo Books flagship at Place Montreal Trust sees an overhaul.  

10) Chico’s Comes to Canada: Given the thousands who have read our articles on Chico’s, the American womenswear retailer is no doubt enjoying substantial sales with its initial entry into the Canadian market. 

Keep reading Retail Insider, as we’ll be reporting on some big Canadian retail stories in 2015. 

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Craig Patterson
Craig Patterson
Located in Toronto, Craig is the Publisher & CEO of Retail Insider Media Ltd. He is also a retail analyst and consultant, Advisor at the University of Alberta School Centre for Cities and Communities in Edmonton, former lawyer and a public speaker. He has studied the Canadian retail landscape for over 25 years and he holds Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws Degrees.

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  1. 9) Victoria’s Secret to Replace Montreal Chapters Bookstore: Outrage erupted among some readers when we announced that a 35,000 square foot lingerie retailer would replace a large bookstore. All’s not lost, however, as a NEARBY INDIGO BOOKS FLAGSHIP AT PLACE VILLE-MARIE SEES AN OVERHAUL.

    Not place ville-marie , Indigo is in PLACE MONTREAL TRUST


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