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Zellers will have Uphill Battle to be Successful and Drive Profits for HBC: Expert [Interview]

Competition, a questionable real estate strategy and challenges in the value-price category are among the headwinds for the re-introduction of the Zellers brand to Canada says Bruce Winder.

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times: Canadian Retail Wrap-up for 2022 [Interviews]

A chaotic year saw unprecedented changes to the industry, with more challenges on the way as we head into 2023.

Video Interview: What Can We Expect In Holiday Shopping for Canada This Year?

Retail expert Bruce Winder talks about how consumers will react to rising costs and inflation, promotions and sales in the industry, how consumers are shopping earlier today, supply chains and how this is a make or break time for many smaller businesses.

Survey: Many Small Businesses in Canada Considering Credit Card Transaction Surcharges for Consumers

Experts are saying that retailers could lose customers to competitors depending how the situation plays out in the coming months.

Canadian Consumers Spending Despite Inflation Pinch, with Challenges to Come [Expert Comments]

Experts interviewed by Retail Insider say that while things are looking positive with StatCan numbers, things could get much worse for certain sectors given new fundamentals.

Bed Bath & Beyond Sales Plunge 25% in a Year, Bringing its Future into Question: Canadian Expert Comment

The retailer is reducing hours and even air conditioning to cut down on costs. Experts such as Doug Stephens question its future.

Spike of Insolvency Cases in Canada Could Signal More to Come for Retailers: Expert

An expert says that things will likely worsen under the stress of inflation and the withdrawal of pandemic-related government support, among other factors.

Video Interview: Bruce Winder Provides Insights on Current State of Retail Industry in Canada

The industry expert talks about business closures during the pandemic, key lessons learned by retailers over the past two years, biggest mistakes made, trends and the use of under-utilized space at shopping centres.

Independent Eyewear Retail in the Face of Big Players: Interview with Gina Kay of Cristall Opticians

New challenges from increased competition, including consolidation and international entrants, isn't stopping some independents from maintaining strong consumer loyalty.

Rising Inflation Pushes More Canadians to Discount Stores: Interviews

Rising inequality is seeing customers shifting away from middle-market to either discount or luxury.

Expert: Top Trends that will Shape the Near-and Long-Term State of the Retail Industry in Canada [Part 2]

Sustainability, the rise of automation and an accelerated technological revolution are among the trends changing Canada’s retail landscape in the second part of this feature story.

Expert: Top 10 Trends that will Shape the Near- and Long-Term State of the Retail Industry in Canada [Feature Part 1]

From supply chain disruptions and a shortage of talent to rocketing inflation, challenges lie ahead for Canadian retailers.

Uncertainty for Retailers in Canada with Bankruptcies Expected to Increase in 2022: Experts

A predicted retail apocalypse hasn't happened as of yet, but a series of events could lead to chaos and struggles for some retailers as we move further into 2022.

“Absolutely Terrible News”: Ontario Lockdown to Push More Businesses Into Bankruptcy: Interviews

Recovery has not truly begun for most Ontario businesses according to CFIB with other experts and industry players saying that the move will irreparably harm many more businesses.

Podcast [Interview] Discussion of Canadian Retail Before, During and After COVID-19 with Bruce Winder

Bruce Winder joins Retail Insider Founder and Editor-in-Chief Craig Patterson to discuss what the future might hold for Canadian retailers after the pandemic. Winder is the author of the book RETAIL Before, During & After COVID-19. Tune in for an animated discussion.

End of Government Subsidies for Retailers and Businesses this Month Could Spell Doom Amid 4th Wave: Interviews

Wage and rent subsidy support programs from the federal government end October 23rd, and many are praying the deadline will be extended.

Amazon Announces Significant Expansion in Canada, will Hire 15,000 Employees and Increase Wages

The Seattle-based retail behemoth continues to gain market share in Canada as it significantly bolsters its employee base.

Pandemic ‘Fourth Wave’ Would be Devastating to Retailers and Businesses in Canada Trying to Come Back from a Year and a Half of Restrictions:...

Businesses already have debt and still seeing lower than usual revenue, and more shutdowns could be the final blow for thousands of more retailers already struggling.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford Urged to Open Ontario Retail and Restaurants Immediately as Covid Cases Come Down at a Critical Time: Interviews

Businesses were supposed to open this week but the government extended the lockdown. Now there are calls to reopen things now.

Second Lockdowns Will Obliterate Small Retailers and Businesses: Experts

About a third of Ontario businesses won't survive the lockdown extending to January 23 says the CFIB.

Second Round of Pandemic Lockdowns Could See 225,000 Small Businesses Close in Canada

Experts say that there is still room to pivot at a challenging and uncertain time.

Retail Before, During & After COVID-19 in Canada: An Analysis

Retail expert Bruce Winder tells Retail Insider about what he is seeing, his predictions on what’s to come, and discusses his new book about how the world is changing rapidly.

COVID-19 to have Permanent Impact on Canadian Retail Industry: Expert

Bruce Winder says that similar to the Great Depression, consumers will shift priorities and become thriftier amid government support and lost wealth.

Scoops Ahoy: A Bitchin’ Experiential Marketing Tactic by Baskin-Robbins [Photos]

The ice cream retailer redesigned one of its locations in keeping with the theme of Netflix’s wildly popular “Stranger Things”, and the result was experiential retail with a side of nostalgia, according to an expert.

The New Kid in Town: An Analysis of the Emerging Canadian Cannabis Market, Part 3

The third and final instalment in a three-part analytical series of the Canadian cannabis market by retail expert, Bruce Winder. In this section, Winder discusses the opportunities in the Canadian cannabis market and concludes his analysis.
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