Retailers Rank Highly on List of Canada’s Most Reputable Companies: Leger Study

A study of more than 38,000 Canadians ranked more than 285 companies in 30 sectors. The top choice was a very well-known retailer.

Leger Study Ranks In-Store Experience at Ontario Retailers: Interview

The annual study surveys thousands of Ontarians about their in-store experience and provides top rankings, with some surprising findings.

The Results are In: A Lacklustre Black Friday/Cyber Monday in Canada for 2021 Signals What’s in Store

Leger and DIG360 partnered on a report to analyze this year’s consumer numbers and the results are mixed.

Loyalty Program Usage Drops Significantly During the Pandemic: Study

Consumer behaviours shifted during the pandemic, as did preferences for brands and retailers according to a study.

Retail Sector Dominates Top 10 Most Reputable Companies in Canada List: Leger Study

Leger surveyed more than 32,000 Canadians to explore their perspectives on more than 275 companies in 29 different sectors.

Leger Ranks Canada’s Top Retailers Including Physical and Online Experience: Study

The Leger study showcases the importance of experience to retailer success.

Canadians to Spend Less Back-to-School Shopping in 2020: Survey

Apparel and sporting goods retailers will be particularly hard hit according to a Leger survey and Retail Council of Canada.

Results of Leger ‘WOW’ Customer Experience Retail Monitor to be Released in Toronto November 14th

The 10th annual study, which polls consumers on top in-store experiences in Ontario as well as the best websites in Canada, will be presented in the morning at the St. James Cathedral Centre.

Leger to Host Toronto Event to Showcase ‘LoyalT Report’

The event takes place June 20 from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. at One King West (The King Gallery).

Leger to Release WOW Customer Experience Index Results at Toronto and Montreal Events

Presentations will include 2017 WOW Index highlights, rank order of retailers by sector, and digital profiles of customers.
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