Luxury Retail

West Edmonton Mall Looking to Add More Luxury Retailers After Seeing Success with 3 Big Players

Since 2019 the mega-mall has added Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and Gucci. Strong sales means more brands are being targeted.

Luxury Wing Opens at American Dream, Designed by Montreal Firm 

The glossy 300,000 square foot luxury component to the complex is unlike anything in North America to date.

Significant Staffing Crisis in Canada as Retailers Reopen: Feature

The greatest staffing challenge ever faced by Canadian retailers follows pandemic lockdowns creating an emergency situation.

Alexander McQueen to Open 1st Standalone Canadian Storefront

The iconic luxury brand’s move into Canada signals confidence in brick-and-mortar luxury retail as parent company, Kering, invests in the Canadian market.

Canadian Fashion Brand ‘Ellie Mae’ Prepares to Open New Rosedale Flagship in Toronto [With Photos]

The upscale brand, which recently dropped wholesale to focus on direct-to-consumer, will also feature a café space with outdoor seating in an effort to attract a wealthy local demographic.

Gucci Opens 1st Standalone Store in Alberta at West Edmonton Mall [Photos]

The Italian luxury brand is expanding its Canadian operations with a third standalone store.

Season 3, Episode 5: Canadian Luxury Retail Forecast for 2021 [Podcast]

This week, Craig & Lee discuss the potential luxury retail growth across Canada for 2021, including new standalone stores as well as in multi-brand retailers. Despite the pandemic, sales have been strong for luxury brands in Canada over the course of the past year.

Luxury Retail to See Growth in Canada in 2021

Despite the pandemic, luxury brands continue to target the Canadian market with new stores and stocklists.

Why Commission-Based Compensation is Wrong in Luxury Retail in Canada: OpEd

An industry expert says things need to change for the betterment of the luxury retail experience as a whole.

Luxury Brand Thom Browne to Open 2nd Canadian Storefront in Vancouver

The NYC-based luxury brand will replace Versace in the city’s downtown ‘Luxury Zone’.

Italian Luxury Brand ‘Golden Goose’ to Open 1st Standalone Canadian Store at Yorkdale in Toronto

The fashion brand is expanding into Canada as part of a global store expansion.

Italian Luxury Brand ‘Isaia’ to Open Canadian Flagship Store in Toronto [Exclusive]

Isaia will replace Pink Tartan in a unique retail space that will become a gathering place for fans of the brand.

La Maison Valmont Opens 1st Canadian Retail Boutique at Saks Fifth Avenue [Photos]

The Upmarket Swiss cellular skincare brand's new boutique space features an entire wall dedicated to fragrances.

Canadian Retailers Incorrectly Positioning Sales Associates as ‘Stylists’: Expert

An industry professional explains the importance of differentiation between the two and how retailers may see success by hiring more specialists.

Luxury Retailers Will Continue to Target Canada: Expert

Canada will see more standalone luxury stores as major brands see the market as being desirable for expansion.

Canadian Retail Forecast for 2019: Slower Growth and Challenges with Opportunity 

A flood of store closing announcements this year are causing concern to the industry, while international retailers continue to enter the country seeking a piece of the pie. Despite economic and other challenges, there are bright spots. 

Bloomingdale’s Moves Towards More Luxury Menswear Designers and Shops

Bloomindale's is opening a collection of luxury shops-in-store for men at its Manhattan flagship. Shops will include Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton. The collection opens mid-September and indicates further luxury brand roll-outs in several Bloomingdale's stores. Menswear makes up about...
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