Canada’s Luxury Apparel Market Emerges as Global Contender Despite Challenges: Trendex Report

Randy Harris says that Canada's luxury retail sector is seeing significant growth both online and with new stores opening in a handful of notable high-end nodes.

International Retailers and their Success in Canada: Interview with Randy Harris of Trendex

Craig and Randy Harris, President and Founder of Trendex North America, discuss the success of international retailers entering the Canadian market at a challenging time for the economy. That includes Nordstrom exiting Canada, and some success stories.

Canadian Apparel Retail Sales Roar Back Following Pandemic Collapse [Trendex Report]

Men’s apparel grew faster than women’s with some provinces seeing higher growth than others, according to a new report. It also discusses reasons for Nordstrom’s Canadian exit and its impact on the sector.

Canadian Retail Apparel Market Seeing Rebound in 2023 with Positive Fundamentals: Trendex Report

The think tank is predicting good things for the industry while also predicting that Sport Chek will struggle as competition grows.

Big Changes Expected for Online Apparel Retail in Canada in Years to Come [Trendex Report]

Randy Harris predicts consumers will shift to a handful of popular DTC brands even more after being overwhelmed with choices, leading to consolidation and bankruptcies in the industry.

Apparel Sales in Canada See Spike as Consumers Upgrade Wardrobes [Trendex Report]

Men in particular have been rushing back into stores, and Trendex also had an analysis on the future of Hudson's Bay and what it's doing in Canada.

The Rise and Fall of Ecommerce in Canada Since 2020 Shows Brick-and-Mortar Retail Still Dominant for Consumers: Trendex Report

Randy Harris explains how an expected permanent shift online didn't happen for most apparel retailers in Canada, and how physical retail will continue to remain important for years to come.

Canadian Luxury Apparel Retail Sales Projected to Spike Significantly Over Next Several Years [Report]

Randy Harris of Trendex says that a return of Asian tourism, new luxury brand flagship stores and other factors are projected to spike luxury retail numbers in Canada, though future pandemic waves could dampen things.

Canadian Apparel Sales Forecasted to See Strong Growth Over Next Several Years: Trendex Report

A turnaround followed the opening of lockdowns and now consumers are expected to give apparel a boost at a range of levels ranging from value to luxury.

Canadian Apparel Retailers to Struggle and Continue Losing Market Share Amid New COVID Variant: Trendex Report

A new report by Trendex lays out some interesting and concerning predictions for the year as the pandemic results in further lockdowns.

Trendex Updates: Canadian Retail Apparel Sales Summer 2021 and Performance for Lululemon, Roots and Zumiez

Randy Harris sets out how apparel sales slowed over the summer with three retailers reporting strikingly different sales patterns.

Luxury Apparel Retail in Canada Saw Significant Declines in 2020: Trendex

A new report discusses decreases in menswear and womenswear as well as the impact of fewer tourists from Asia.

Canadian Apparel Retailers Look to Loyalty Programs Amid Slumping Sales

Canadian retailers are behind the US for having conventional loyalty programs, with new options helping level the playing field.

Luxury Apparel Retail in Canada Expected to Slow Amid Pandemic: Expert

COVID-19 is slamming luxury retail and wiping out impressive gains in 2019, according to Trendex.

Canadian Resale Apparel Market Sees Rapid Growth Amid Retail Slump: Study

A new report by Trendex says that the second-hand apparel market could be the fastest-growing segment in the industry, and that mainstream retailers could jump on the bandwagon amid a consumer shift.

Luxury Apparel Market in Canada to See Continuous Gains into 2023: Report

A Trendex reports provides insight into the future of retailing in Canada which will include more luxury brand stores as well as the closure of some high-end multi-brand retailers as brands target consumers directly

Canadian Apparel Retailer E-commerce Behind that of US Competitors: Expert

An industry analyst explains how Canada continues to lag behind the trend when compared to our neighbours to the south, and how the rise of e-commerce will pose an even bigger challenge.

Industry Changes See Underwhelming Growth in Apparel Sales in Canada: Expert

Randy Harris of Trendex points to slowing trends in the industry and with performance tied to GDP, an economic drop could signal the end of the luxury end of the market.

TJX Canada’s Apparel Sales increase 11% In 2017

Trendex estimates that TJX’s apparel sales totaled C$2,942 million in 2017, an 11% increase over its 2016 sales.

Middle Market Retailers Doomed To Fail? Not So Fast!

There's more to the story than what's typically being reported in the press.
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