Mississauga-Based Custom Fit Footwear Retailer Launches Unique Foot Spa Concept [Photos]

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Mississauga-Based Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare has expanded its retail space in an effort to enhance the consumer experience while creating a ‘one stop shop’. That includes a newly launched ‘foot care spa’ that aims to grow the retailer’s base of loyal clientele. 

The store, located at 1960 Dundas St West in Mississagua, encompasses a shoe boutique, a medical body alignment clinic, and most recently the new foot care spa. Align describes it as being a ‘unique sanctuary’ that offers holistic, medical, and total health for one’s feet.

Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare has been operational since 2013. The retailer provides clients with knowledge on how their unique body alignment works, how to use functional movement to strengthen for improved alignment, and how to re-learn how to shop for shoes based on this information.

In the expanded retail space, clients can choose from a unique collection of footwear curated from the season’s latest fashion trends and luxury fashion brands. Designs are selected based on structure, materials used, and sustainability. Advanced 3D technology is utilized to custom fit that pair with an Align Orthotic, which the retailer says corrects one’s imbalances to permanently improve the way clients walk.


Last month, Align’s new foot-care spa began offering medical pedicures in addition to services already provided. “Looking at the options for foot care for Canadians in average pedicure places and the overwhelming amount of clients who come to us with conditions spawn in these places, we saw the need to create an unheard of type of offering for our clients so they could safely beautify their feet, while at the same time improving the health of their feet. It is the most decadent, safe, hygienic, healthy medical pedicure available”, says Darius Dinshaw, Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare co-founder.

Align’s recent expansion made a bold move to go all out luxe, featuring a private shoe fitting area, a catwalk, and the new foot care spa. “You can go to orthotic clinics, foot care clinics, footwear retail stores and spas, but never before in the world, has this concept been available as one, total, holistic, luxury service under one roof,” says Dinshaw. It’s this highly personalized and specialized experience that brings together spa-style pampering and healthcare, ensuring that clients leave with wearing comfortable designer footwear, a sense of spa tranquility, and feet that feel brand new. 

With consumer knowledge, education, and ultimate satisfaction at the forefront of its business model, the Align team designs custom Align Orthotics that correct clients’ body alignment and produces ultimate foot comfort in a pair of designer footwear. Co-founders Darius and Teressa Dinshaw say that they are passionately dedicated to providing luxury health care that is “inspiring, indulgent, and effective”. With Darius’s unique combination of designations including pedorthist, athletic therapist, and strength and conditioning specialist, his perspective on the role of total body biomechanics in foot health is unique.

“We look at your full medical history, evaluate the musculoskeletal and nervous system, and skin health of your feet to provide treatment that will ease pain, soothe and promote wellness. With your soles nurtured first, we are ready to correct your footwear,” says Dinshaw. “We aim to ensure everyone has the opportunity to have their feet evaluated for good health and structure to treat as well as to prevent foot damage.”

About 70% of people wear shoes that damage their feet and body alignment, according to the company, and Align says that it is committed to changing these statistics. With that, the expanded Align boutique provides VIP treatment to its clients while also educating them on the importance of body alignment. “We believe wellness begins with a feeling and we aim to provide that feeling in the inspiring environment we have created for you,” says Teressa Dinshaw.

How does it work? A skilled, on-site clinician assess the client from the feet up. A digital 3D scan of the individual’s feet is taken, and by placing it digitally beside the scan of their chosen designer shoe, the medical professional (Pedorthist, Chiropodist, Orthotist and Prosthetic Technician, or Athletic Therapist) can then design the custom insole with millimetre accuracy. In addition to replacing the generic insole with a custom Align Orthotic, Align also modifies the actual shoe to ensure optimum comfort and improved body alignment. That may involve stretching, slicing and even adding or taking away structural components. The innovation to creatively do this in high fashion is unprecedented, according to the co-founders.


Always forward thinking and on trend, Darius and Teressa have expressed their desire to create an experiential getaway for each customer who choses to put their feet first. The boutique is spacious and quiet with ambient house music playing in the background for a modern yet tranquil undertone, with natural sunlight flooding through the large, panoramic windows.

With the recent addition of the spa, the scent of eucalyptus fills the space. Lounge chairs and ottomans, reminiscent of 1930s Paris, create an inviting and comfortable area to spend time. “Creating an experiential space is a top priority for us. We make sure not to fill our store with too many customers at any given time, booking appointments accordingly. We want each client to feel as special as they truly are and to be able to ensure their needs are being met,” says Teressa. 

Both Teressa and Darius note the importance they place on sustainability in their paperless practice and take pride in the steps they’re taking to reduce their carbon footprint. “If you own a pair of shoes that ensure comfortability and support then you will want to keep them forever. Our company does it’s best not to contribute to the fast-fashion trends of today. We create shoes to last a lifetime,” says Teressa.

To book an appointment at Align Custom Fit Footwear & Footcare, please email them  at info@getaligned.com, call 905-823-0111, or check them out online at www.getaligned.com

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