Canadian Fabrication Firm Pivots Production to Plexiglass Screens to Protect Workers

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As ‘essential’ businesses remain open across Canada amid COVID-19, the risk that cashiers and service workers could become infected by customers while at work is high. Vancouver-based Peregrine, known for its fabricated fixtures and millwork, has pivoted its production to create plexiglass screens to protect front-line workers. Peregrine is looking to connect with businesses to supply these at an unprecedented time.

The Vancouver-based company’s self-standing plexiglass barriers are said to help create a strong partition between staff and the hoards of customers still flocking to available retail destinations. Designed with banks, pharmacies, retail stores, gas stations, hospitals and clinics, and government agencies in mind, Peregrine’s easy-to-install plexiglass barriers are available to all businesses across the country.

Currently the company is producing about 400 barriers a day for banks, pharmacies, and liquor stores, while also getting increasingly more requests from gas stations and hotels.

Designed for straight-forward installation, cleaning, and removal (if we ever see the day), the barriers are approximately 28” wide x 32” high and 3” deep in dimension. In terms of pricing, the Peregrine plexishields are $225 per shield, with discounted pricing for orders over 50 units. Currently a five unit minimum order is in place. For more details visit Peregrine’s brochure.

If you are in Vancouver’s lower mainland, Peregrine will deliver supplies to your business. Otherwise, they are available for shipping anywhere within Canada.


In addition to the retail plexishield innovative, Peregrine are currently working on two other prototypes that will hopefully be ready for purchase and distribution within the coming weeks.

The first being a ‘treatment box’ designed to protect health care professionals while they treat infected patients. This plexiglass ‘treatment box’ will be manufactured to sit comfortably over the patient’s face, with two holes designed for the health care professional’s hands to slot through and work accordingly. This should help limit the airborne spread of COVID-19 from patient to doctor.

The second prototype is a screening booth. Designed for use at any type of in-take facility, it limits the level of contact between worker and patient as the booth is enclosed from three sides. This initiative was originally designed by global creative agency ASTOUND and Peregrine hopes to create its own, all in a bid to increase the volume available to health care practitioners.

Brian French, President at Peregrine, hopes to roll these initiates out as soon as the design is perfected and the supply of plexiglass allows for mass distribution.

Peregrine has been operating out of Vancouver’s lower mainland for over 38 years. It is the largest manufacturer of custom, high-end retail environments in Western Canada. Serving clients primarily in the retail and banking industries, Peregrine has worked with leading brands, including Saje, Lululemon, Kit and Ace, Aritzia, BMO, Vancity, and MEC. With a keen ability to create quality branded environments that invite interaction and intrigue while delivering value to a business, Peregrine often finds itself at the forefront of retail design as innovation in Canada grows and consumer habits shift.

To learn more or to order plexiglass shields click here.

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Jessica Finch
Jessica Finch is a writer and editor based in Toronto. She holds a BA in English and Psychology and is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Publishing program. She has extensive managerial experience in the food service industry, and is interested in exploring innovations within this sector and other retail environments.

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